World Affairs

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    She was not born a countess On the contrary she came from solid bourgeois stock

    Philipp Baron von Boeselager made no claim to be a hero – despite his Knight’s Cross and other lesser decorations for bravery he had received during the war Others have begged to differ

    She was a quiet, unassuming woman, apparently the perfect "Hausfrau" – housewife – to a famous man Her husband Eberhard Bethge was famous because he had been Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s closest friend, his confidant and his disciple

    “The survivors of a failed coup are never its heroes,” Axel Baron von dem Bussche told me the first time we met, but by most standards Bussche was a hero At the age of 24, while a captain in the German Army, Bussche agreed to carry out a suicide-bombing against Adolf Hitler

    There is only one planet for us and we live in it But due to modernization, the environment has suffered and most inhabitants of this planet just shrugged their shoulder for a time

    Before the September 11 attacks, Washington's Neo-cons had waited in frustrated hope for an event that would serve as the excuse needed to enable them to rouse public support for a war against Iraq and other "rogue states" where they were sure American power could easily dispatch Their project for the New American century proposed to remake the oil-rich-Middle-East in America's image

    Why Do We Need Renewable Energy Solutions?

    That may seem like a silly question Surely everyone knows that we need to begin to develop renewable energy solutions sooner, rather than later

    Economic Background For Investment In Thailand Part 5

    The government adapted strict monetary and fiscal policies to control the rate of inflation during this period Rigid monetary policies were used to limit credit expansion in the private sector

    Economic Background For Investment In Thailand Part 2

    The First National Economic Development Plan continually emphasized development in Thailand The Second National Economic Development Plan continually emphasized the development of infrastructure in such areas as communication and transportation

    Economic Background For Investment In Thailand Part 3

    The Second Plan (1967-1971): The Foundation of the Infrastructure The Thai economy was now in a new era of development since the initiation of the First Plan Toward the end of the First Plan

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