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    Freight Fees Set To Go Up This Year

    SINGAPORE - Shipping percentages for the transporting industry will rise this holiday season on the back of higher sea insurance fees, driven by means of concerns over prolonged incidents concerning piracy off the sea-coast of Eastern side Africa together with the recent political unrest in the Middle East.

    Organizing parties with safety

    It is an only company that has opted a modern personalized approach to security, safety and protection services that are provided by a highly skilled, well-presented properly selected team of predominantly female security professionals.

    Man-Made Climate Change - Fact Or Fiction?

    In the past dozen years or so a major controversy has developed through out the world about changes that are supposedly taking place with the earth's climate There is a large body of opinion that believes the earth's temperature is getting warmer due to the increase in greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide (CO2), caused by the burning of fossil fuels and increasing industrial activity, and unless governments take action to remedy the situation then mankind is in serious trouble

    We Have a Responsibility to Our People

    As of November, the European Unionís official stance was that they had no plans for a rescue package that even resembled the plans of the United States bailout package implemented by Paulson The plan constructed by the United States in response to the fallout of the subprime mortgage market and many investment banks, was seen as much too elaborate for the European Union's needs

    Rethinking Sustainable Agriculture

    In these times, the term sustainable development is being applied to nearly everything from energy, clean water, construction, to economic growth As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to question either the basic assumptions behind sustainable development or the way these assumptions are being put to use

    The Battle of Vienna - 1683

    Summer in Vienna is hot and humid As July, 1683 began, Hapsburg Archduke Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, had retreated to his estate at Perchtoldsdorf to escape the oppressive heat of the city

    Wildlife in Nature

    Wildlife needs to be protected throughout the world We need to leave enough of nature to pass along to the next generation

    I was recently watching the news about the 26 November 2008 terrorist attacks on Mumbai Several terrorists had entered Mumbai, India from the sea route and had attacked the Taj Hotel, Oberoi, Trident and a building called Nariman House at Colaba

    The Logistical Problems of a New World Order

    Lately, the news has come in flooding waves for me The election, bailouts, and endlessly horrible employment news have washed over me, and left a sort of numb feeling in place of my usual optimism

    How Would You Like to Own a Piece of Our History?

    For the most part when it comes to commemorative coins the United States Congress authorizes commemorative pieces that lionize and honor American individuals, places, events, and institutions Although these coins are legitimate tender, they are not coined for common circulation instead they are merely coined as "art"

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