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    Well I've just bought myself a new seakayak and seeing as I live in Cairns and will be doing a bit of exploring I thought I'd share it with you all.

    Going budget

    With Motorhome Australia, you have more vehicles to choose whether you are contemplating on a 4WD or a motorhome from 2berth to 6berth capacity.

    Motorhome Advantage

    Traveling is an option, as well as the means of doing it. That's life! "mode de vie!" We make endless of choices. People and travelers alike have their own angles for traveling

    Australia on Highway One

    Highway One covers almost most of the inhabited parts of Australia, it has the ability to take you to the busy districts, resorts, aggressive and calm seas, forests, deserts, valleys and others landscapes that make up Australia.

    Way Back

    In another view it amazingly grew more in the past years, eventually developing another name in the industry. Somehow classic campervans have proven that it is truly one of the best way to explore point to point destinations.

    Car Hire in Australia

    The most excellent fascination about renting a car is that we can choose almost any car we want, assuming that price is not a problem. If we are renting a car in Australia, we certainly are required to check out price from various websites such as

    Cable Car Wellington, New Zealand

    With positive reviews and increasing number of tourists coming to experience a glimpse. Wellington has top attractions that gives that happy wear to every tourist. One that is a prize to visit is the Wellington Cable Car Museum which tells the story of the country's only remaining public cable car system.

    The Creb track, links Daintree and Cooktown via the Heart of the Daintree Rainforest

    Train Traveling Australia

    Although flights and Motorhome rental Australia can be another mode and can be available in several cities. Taking a flight can take you quick from point A and B. A motorhome can take you to several points while a train is a continuous journey that can just take a day or a couple of days.

    Australian train travel

    Australia is a huge country, not just a place for beaches or it's outback, rather its the vastness of the land itself.

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