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    The Nebraska Cornhuskers football team has a tradition of winning However, here are some facts about which you may not be familiar

    Manchester United's Famous Red Shirts

    From Manchester to Moscow Unitedís famous red shirts are known the world over Unitedís classic red shirt has seen itís fair share of glory over the last 50 years

    Giggs Guides United to Significant Victory

    Thirty-five year old Ryan Giggs guided Manchester United to a highly significant victory over title-rivals Chelsea in the first big-four encounter of 2009 It was probably a surprise to many that Giggs began the match

    Learning More About a Modern Sword Sport

    If you are reading this, something about the sport of fencing has piqued your curiosity Maybe it was an epic fencing battle portrayed in a movie or play; maybe your child has expressed an interest in fencing; or maybe you fenced many years ago and the sport is beckoning you back

    How Hockey Rinks and Arenas Schedule Ice Time

    Winter games usually revolve around things like snow and ice, but when it comes to a skating or hockey rink, fun can be had year round To get in on the action, non pro teams will have to schedule time on the ice

    It was on August 1995 that the Jacksonville Jaguars played their first game in their new stadium This day also marked the first time in sports history that an expansion team played its first home game in a new stadium during their very first season

    Buffalo Bills in a Rollercoaster Ride

    The Buffalo Bills is bringing their fans in a one heck of a rollercoaster ride And it is up to the fans decide if they are watching the greatest show on earth or if they are up to the cheap thrills that their favorite team is giving them

    Carolina Panthers - Past and Present

    It was at the later quarter of 1993 that the Carolina Panthers were awarded an NFL expansion franchise Thousands of people literally celebrated with this good news

    Dallas Cowboys New Stadium Opening in 2009

    The Dallas Cowboys have a new home A new stadium is under construction and should be ready to open for the 2009 season

    The Detroit Lions can be called the biggest loser of the season And with a current record of 0 wins and 12 losses, they are indeed the worst team the NFL has seen in its entire history

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