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    Many NCAA teams excel in either men's basketball or football However, some schools have excelled in both sports

    NCAA basketball is awesome, baby If you are interested in watching All-Stars and razzle-dazzle, watch the NBA

    What would college football be without rivalries Rivalries can make regular season games seem like playoff games

    6 Fun Facts About the History of the Alabama Crimson Tide

    The Alabama Crimson Tide has had tremendous success throughout its football history Here are some facts that are less commonly known

    While many NCAA teams have won either the men’s or women’s championship, only three schools have both of them How many NCAA teams have won men's and women's basketball championships

    Monaco Grand Prix – ‘Vroom With A View’

    Why Monaco ‘A sunny place for shady people’ in the words of Somerset Maugham

    John Smith’s Grand National Past Winners

    The Aintree Grand National is a notoriously difficult race and one of the toughest held anywhere in the world which is, ironically, one the things that makes it most exciting What starts out as a list of about 150 horses slowly gets whittled down over a period of about three months so that only 40 worthy contenders remain

    4 Larger-Than-Life Facts About the Tennessee Titans

    The Tennessee Titans have a fascinating name, based on the ancient Greek gods Besides their name, there are several fascinating facts about the Titans

    The Washington Redskins has had much success as a football team Furthermore, many of its players have had successful years after their playing days

    Although the Patriots recently almost earned a perfect season, they have also earned a 1-15 record These four teams' records prove that a team can only improve after it hits rock- bottom

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