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Maya is a 27 year old blogger who loves adventure, traveling and trying new things. She likes reading and cooking and this is what she likes most when traveling - trying the local cuisine. Besides that, she likes meeting new people, finding about their culture and how they live. She hasn't tried couch surfing yet, but she's hoping to try this way of traveling too.

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Wellness tourism is among the fastest growing trends in the world. It is a new way of de-stressing while on holiday

10 Things You Must Do On Your Visit To Sydney!

Australians are a warm and welcoming bunch. Their friendly personality is often attributed to the geographic isolation of Australia from rest of the world. The island country is an amazing place to visit, with plenty of things to do. Australians understand the significance of tourism industry and welcome new faces to their homeland

The Top Australian Destinations For Seniors

According to CNN Travel, Australia is emerging as the world’s most preferred destination for seniors. More seniors are traveling into the country-continent each year to enjoy its unique culture, cuisine, natural beauty, wildlife, history and adventure. What draws seniors to Australia is the sheer variety of experiences which can be tailored to their specific needs.

Queensland Road Trip – Where to go, what to do

Queensland is one of the most geographically diverse Australian states, and is perfect for a road trip with family or friends. Queensland is the second largest state in Australia, so you can expect plenty of open road and exciting treasures to explore. A road trip will be well rewarded with an exhilarating and liberating experience comparable to no other. There are a couple of options as far as planning the perfect Queensland road trip.