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Exploring Sydney via Water

Sydney is undoubtedly one of the major tourist attraction cities in Australia. The city boasts of beautiful people and sceneries, great infrastructure, breathtaking landscapes and diverse cultures just to mention a few. However, one of the major features that places this city in a whole new level is the presence of pristine and well kept waterways. Sydney is well known for its many water bodies such as waterfalls, rivers, dams, lakes and not forgetting the ocean. Many locals and foreigners have always had the desire to explore this beautiful city on water. This is due to the fact that traveling via water enables one to have a closer view of what the city hides within its aqua borders.

Some of the adventures that one can indulge in order to have a splendid water expedition of Sydney include:

Deep Sea Scuba Diving

Located along the coastline, Sydney offers a number of water activities that take place in the deep beautiful Pacific Ocean. Although most people opt to take long relaxing strolls on the beach, some may be able to take part in deep sea scuba diving. This activity is usually undertaken by the more adventurous individuals and the experience may be full of rewards e.g. one can have a once in a lifetime opportunity to observe “Regattas” which occur occasionally.

Marine Expedition

This is ideal for individuals who are looking for a more relaxed expedition. The tour ideally deals with touring of the thriving marine life using boats such as specially made glass boats or an inflatable boat. You can also venture out via swimming or other activities such as snorkeling.

Fishing Expeditions

Another activity that is gaining popularity in Sydney is fishing. Both locals and foreigners stream into the city with the hope of participating in either competitive or recreational fishing. Recreational fishing such as course/fly fishing takes place in rivers or lakes while competitive fishing such as electro fishing is done out in the deep sea.

White water rafting

This activity will surely make an individual experience a gush of adrenaline once they indulge in it. The activity is featured in any river that has rapid water flow or even has a waterfall! Before setting out on this adventure one has to have the necessary gear which is important in keeping you safe. You might want to purchase your own gear or could even hire out one. There are a number of service providers that offer the gears at an affordable fee.

Beach sporting

Sydney beaches have ample land and water activities that one can enjoy immensely. Most of them have service providers that provide surf, scuba diving and snorkeling lessons which are a source of great fun. During the weekend, most of the beaches hold sports competitions which are a great way to support talent and also bring together people of all races to socialize, compete and also to have fun.

In recent years with technological advancement and proper infrastructure people have been able to explore the city via water with ease. This has greatly and positively impacted the cities tourism sector and has also been able to increase employment opportunities for the locals.

When planning for an aqua expedition of the city make sure that you research on the best deals that one can get in terms of the equipment you need and also be able to identify good eating joints in case you get hungry. There are a number of reputable websites that list the best places one can go when in the city.

Australia is much more than just beaches and kangaroos; it’s a truly enormous country with just as an astounding amount of history and heritage as natural wonders and scenic landscapes. That’s why taking a road trip around the country would make the absolute perfect family vacation.

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