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Joe is an author and webmaster. Learn useful golf tips to help you shoot lower scores more quickly. Be sure to also learn from our golf driving tips section to help you hit longer and straighter drives.

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Golf Clubs Selection Tips For Better Scores

Golf clubs are the basic requirements of the game The equipment that you need to play a game of golf is called golf clubs

Fitness and Health Tips For Golfers

When you think of golf you think it as a game of leisure and played for relaxation When you watch the professionals play it looks so easy but when you start playing the game for your self you realize the importance of fitness and health for golfers

The Benefits of a Golf Course Membership

There are many advantages and benefits you can enjoy by choosing to get a golf course membership rather than playing at different golf clubs in your area Consider some of the top benefits and reasons for joining a local country club and then decide whether or not joining your local golf club is a good idea for you

The Ideal Golf Vacation Locations

So you love to golf and want to take a golfing vacation Before you plan your next golf retreat consider the following golf resorts

Putting is one of the biggest aspects of the game of golf and great putting can really help you to become a better player and shoot lower scores quite rapidly Putting is primarily a mental challenge so learning the right mindset to have when you are on the greens can make the biggest difference to your putting success