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Dalat is known as a beautiful tourist spots in the mountain city that year-round cool mist and waste ....

Eating cake in Myanmar – A culinary culture

If you go to a tea shop in Myanmar, you will always have the cake on the table to sip with the hot tea. We can say the cake was one of extraordinary cuisine in the culinary culture of the people in Myanmar.

Wild sunflowers is one of the flowers is best known in the West Highlands. They are wildflowers, with vitality, bright yellow blooms on the slope, the roads every winter. Wild sunflowers was selected as a symbol of the Flower Festival in Flower City Dalat.

Vietnam and Myanmar: visa exemption for tourists

The decision, tourist visa exemption for citizens of the two countries’ entry into the territory of each shall come into force on 26/10.

2 landscapes of Sapa established record of Viet Nam

Vietnam record organizations (VietKings) has announced record of 2 landscapes of Sapa district (Lao Cai): “the longest pass in Vietnam – O Quy Ho” and “terraced fields with many levels most “

Popular tourist spots for the winter vacation in Vietnam 2013

Winter weather will not stop you coming to the new land, but on the contrary, it will bring the experiences interesting and new.

Lao Cai: Sapa street festival 2013

Celebrating 110 years of Sapa tourism, on 11/01/2013 in the town of Sapa, Lao Cai Province will take place “Sapa street festival 2013″ with the theme “Sapa’s colorful”, with 450 artisans, the actor.

Shwedagon golden temple – The pride of Myanmar

If Myanmar is regarded as the “Land of the golden tower” with the unique Buddhist works, the majestic Shwedagon Golden Temple is the “pride” of this country.

Unique cuisine in Halong, Vietnam

In the opinion of many tourists who visited Halong Bay, one of the impression that they can enjoy the taste of seafood of Halong sea – cuisine in Halong. And, this potential has been developed by trading enterprises in Ha Long, make an impression with tourists coming to Halong Vietnam …

Autumn is the best time of the year when the yellow leaves will fall in the cold and be the ideal tourist season for people who love nature, love the change of grass, tree and earth.