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Leia Samuels is a travel writer who loves to blog about wedding planning. If you are looking for exclusive use wedding venues in Scotland to get married in, she recommends looking at the options provided at Ackergill Tower.
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Your Guide to a Scottish Wedding

Are you thinking of having your wedding in Scotland? A Scottish wedding can represent a great way to enjoy a traditional ceremony in historic venues, with options available across the Scottish Highlands and Glasgow and Edinburgh, and many more places besides. When planning a wedding in Scotland, what are some of the things that you need to focus on, from registration and practical matters through to exploring traditional vows and rituals for an authentic Scottish ceremony?

How To Taste Wine Like a Genuine Connoisseur

Have you always wanted to learn how to taste wine like a real connoisseur? Can you picture yourself doing those swirly hand movements with the glass and confidently uttering things like ‘Yes, it’s very oaky this one’ and ‘Oooh, I can taste the strawberry notes in this bouquet.’ Admit it – you have haven’t you. There’s no shame in it. We’ve all wished we could taste wine like a pro at some point in our lives.

Top Things to Do In Edinburgh This Summer

The vibrant city of Edinburgh is famous for its rich culture and nightlife scene, which includes numerous pubs and clubs as well as exciting dining experiences and live theatre. The summer is the perfect time to visit Edinburgh as visitors will be treated to plenty of warm and sunny days at this time of year, while several exciting festivals and other types of events are held in Edinburgh during the summer months.

Top Wedding Locations In The UK

It can difficult for a couple to decide on the perfect wedding location for their big day. There’s just so much to think about. It has to be big enough to accommodate a large number of guests, as well as being lavish and comfortable enough to keep them entertained. It has to look good in the photographs and it has to be a location that you’ll always hold dear. The vast majority of couples like to revisit the region in which they married, so it’s also got to be a great place to take a holiday.

August attractions for the traveller in Kent

Kent is a haven of breathtaking English landscape popularly known as ‘The Garden of England.’ From the dramatic white cliffs of Dover to mysterious marshland, from historic castles and towering cathedrals to sleepy villages and bustling seaside resorts, there’s no dearth of things to do in Kent.

The Gap Year – it’s both an admired right of passage and a great way to provoke weary sighs from anyone over the age of 30. It’s easy to forget just how important a gap year can be when you’re in your late teens or early twenties, particularly if you’ve yet to start university. After nigh on 15 years of constant education – why shouldn’t a student take a year out? Real life – tough life, will begin in earnest as soon as that student returns, so it’s only understandable for them to want to gain a little life experience first.

Removing the stress from organising a school journey

Anyone who has ever been on a school journey will know that as well as being a valuable part of your education, the experience can often stay with you for a very long time. For teachers organising these overnight trips for their students, the stresses involved can also remain for quite some time!

low cost travel insurance should be offered to adventure travellers depends very much on the sense in which the whole question is posed. For instance, if we are to assume that a low cost insurance policy should be offered to regular adventure travellers as a sort of loyalty bonus, then we have to look at whether or not an insurance company should reward loyalty.

There’s a lot to recommend putting on a social evening at home, beyond the simple fact of price. When you buy wine for home consumption you can choose more freely – i.e. you’re not trammelled by the choice of wines the pub has already made for you. Plus you can choose the music, and put it at a volume level that actually allows everyone to hear what’s being said…

How to choose between the different types of safari holiday

Safari holidays can be a fantastic experience; seeing animals in their natural environment is something that it is impossible to recreate in the most spacious and well designed of zoos and safari parks and it is important to choose the right safari for the people travelling in order to get the most out of this type of holiday.