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I am an international man of leisure, commited to travelling the world in search of the best holidays and the most interesting undiscovered corners of our fascinating planet. If you have any suggestions for places that I might like to explore and write about, please let me know.

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The Importance of St Lucia hotels for your Holiday

The importance of St Lucia hotels to your island visit might be difficult to over-estimate.

St Lucia, Hotel Accommodation and Your Caribbean Holiday

On St Lucia, hotel comforts and natural beauty will combine to offer you the holiday of a lifetime.

Cap Maison Luxury Hotel – Sited in history

Even in prestige locations like the Cap Maison luxury hotel, St Lucia blends the historic past harmoniously with the present.

Cap Maison Hotel – A St Lucian Tradition

Choosing the right accommodation on St Lucia, such as the Cap Maison hotel, helps to keep the island’s culture around you at all times.

Polar Expeditions: Hunting the Walrus

These days a polar expedition is an excuse for sightseeing; a century or two ago it was a reason for killing.

Tips for Walking Holidays in Slovenia

Slovenia is a very unique destination for European walking holidays - and here's why!