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Bai Tho Mountain

If guests travelers truly would like to find a way a to take in a full elegance of Halong Bay, then they have to go up Bai Tho Mountain. This high mountain is on the specific coastline of a bay, also it provides a wonderful that consists of the specific twinkling waters, a limitless sky as well as islands which are spread throughout a bay. Bai Tho Mountain is reachable by land and water, also it is a fantastic location for guests to relax and enjoy a sight.

About Cat Ba

When folks primarily begin with organizing a good getaway to Halong Bay in Vietnam, they're going to regularly discover details concerning Cat Ba Island. This specific island is the most significant in Halong Bay, and it truly is well-known for its splendor, animal and access for travelers. It is around 2 hundred square km's in sizing, and it has a networking of roadways and houses that help make it a superb holiday stop for Halong Bay tours.

The Most Famous Pagodas in Dalat

In early spring morning, something interesting and meaningful than when immersed in pure air, may all good things come to the family and friends at the sacred temple of Dalat. Introducing two temples most famous ones in the land of thousand flowers.

Halong Bay The Number One Tourist Destination in Vietnam

I have been browsing the magazines and the captivating pictures of Halong Bay made me decide to take a trip to Vietnam. Upon arriving at the airport, I booked a room at the luxury hotels of Hanoi to take a rest and plan for my tour for the following day.

Hoi An Old Town The Charm of a Historical Place

If you are tired of visiting modern marvels and highly industrialized cities, then its time to revisit the past. And if you really like to make a connection with ancient history on your Vietnam tour, then you should not miss a visit to the ancient town of Hoi An.

As you visit the flat plains of the Mekong Delta on your Vietnam tour, you will see a lone mountain sitting between two rivers Vam Co Dong and Sai Gon. It is 11 kilometers from Tay Ninh town and 106 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City. It is a beautiful historical area covering 24 square kilometers with a top plateau of about 2 acres. The mystical aura that surrounds this location can be attributed to its physical appearance and the legend related to the mountain.

Halong Bay - One of the Top Attractions in Asia

Taking a drive of 170km away from the historical city of Hanoi will take you to the most popular tourist spot in Vietnam - is Halong Bay. In fact, the bay has been included in the list of UNESCOs World Heritage Site since the 90s. The majestic presence of the massive islands as well as the thousand islets that seem to be floating on the endless waters of the Gulf of Tonkin will certainly fill your eyes with amazement.

I am an avid traveler and I am looking for extraordinary places to visit during my vacation. I have taken a look on various magazines and browsed the internet for top tourist attractions of the world and the country that has captivated my interest is Vietnam. The country has tons of historical landmarks and magnificent landscapes that I can include in my Vietnam tour package which can give me a remarkable experience during my getaway. Here are some of the top attractions of Vietnam that will give you more than enough reason to visit the country.