My experience at The Love Company orphanage in Pokhara I really enjoyed volunteering at this orphanage. I stayed here for two months. My duty as a volunteer was to play with children, walk them to school, help them with their English, hug them and be there for them in the first place. The children were always very happy and motivated to learn new things. They enjoyed playing games both out and inside. They are really happy when some volunteers are around, they really enjoyed their presence. There were fourteen children at the orphanage while I was there. At the beginning of my stay, the children went to school so we walked them to the school and helped them with their homework when needed. Then we had free time so we could meet other volunteers, go to a café or visit some nice places. In your free time you also can go trekking (depends on season), paragliding, sightseeing and many more. After a few weeks, the holiday started, so children spent most of the time at the children home. That was the great opportunity to interact with the children more. I really liked spending the time with the children, it was a fantastic and a life-changing experience. I would recommend this programme to anyone. It was a great experience and I enjoyed every second of it. It is also very rewarding since you can see you really have made a difference and helped the children a lot. They give everything back twice and you can see how happy and satisfied they are, even when you just hug them or laugh with them. Also, spending two months in Nepal was a perfect opportunity to get to know other culture and a foreign country. Especially Pokhara, where the orphanage is located, is a very beautiful place which most tourists visit and it is near the mountains and lakes. There are many beautiful villages nearby, too. To sum up, the time I spent at the Love Company was great, I absolutely enjoyed it and would come back any time. The children were really happy and I also loved the area where the orphanage is situated. I would very much recommend it to anybody who is thinking of going, it is really worth it and you help the children so much. If you have any questions about volunteering at this orphanage, feel free to contact me, I will answer all your questions –