Lance Seeto

Lance Seeto is an international food and travel writer, author and Australian Executive Chef based at Castaway Island, Fiji. Be inspired by his culinary and cultural adventures at or join the millions following him on Facebook's Fijian Food Safari. IFWTWA Member

 Articles by this Author

Living the Carpe Diem Dream in Fiji

One of the contrasting differences between Western society and native cultures like Fiji is that they don't have the same hangups or pressure to conform to someone else's expectations. They wake up each day and enjoy life - living the 'Carpe diem' dream

Let Food Be Medicine - We're Getting Too Sick

Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine and ancient physician, told us back in 600BC to eat healthy foods with lots of herbs. So did Chinese philosophers like Confucius. Two thousand years later we've forgotten that advice and now mankind has to deal with its self-induced sickness

Fun in the sun or humanity 101?

Very few countries offer the tourist the chance to re-learn and re-connect to a different way of life, and maybe even become a better person at the same time. The South Pacific's Fiji islands is one such place largely untouched by globalization - and Americanization.