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Gareth Jones is responsible for Antigua Vacation Spots as well as authoring several articles about Worldwide Vacation Spots and he recommends Caribbean Vacation Spots His first love is the Caribbean especially the hotels on Antigua

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Stay in a Bit of History at Nelsons Dockyard Antigua

The Copper and Lumber Store Hotel with fourteen rooms is a unique Caribbean Inn which is actually a restored historic warehouse dating from the time when Horatio Nelsonís English Navy ruled the seas It is a really romantic and evocative place, absolutely ideal as a romantic wedding destination or equally a romantic honeymoon destination being a lovely combination of old style gracious living surrounded by history, being right in the middle of Nelsonís Dockyard

An Affordable Vacation in Antigua

If you want to still have a vacation in Antigua and have a small budget, take a look at the highly recommended Ocean Inn An affordable vacation is something we all need when times are tough, and our budget is limited At the same time an Antigua holiday is something you want to enjoy, so you are frantically searching for something along the lines of a small Caribbean Inn, even bed and breakfast accommodation, providing it is of good quality