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Jon works with many up and coming authors who love to write about their travel and adventures in Australia and New Zealand.
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The Awesomeness that is Perth

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and the continent’s fourth largest metropolitan area. Discover the unique history, sights, sounds and eateries to enjoy in the ever-changing and highly dynamic city of Perth.

Experienced travelers know it’s important to mind the practical details when they visit a foreign country but travelers insurance is one of the details too many people fail to consider.

Got a Splayd? Five Useful Australian Inventions

When you think of Australia, kangaroos, the Sydney Opera House and Crocodile Dundee might be the first things that come to mind, but the “land down under” has given the world more than extreme animal wranglers and Foster’s beer. In fact, many of the inventions that we take for granted every day were created by an Australian mind.

Australia for Older Travelers

Older travelers. Hah! You don’t feel old. And the one thing you have always wanted to do is travel – maybe to a foreign country. You’ve always wanted to go to Australia – and go to Australia, you shall.

Summertime in Australia… Surf’s Up!

February through April is the season for surf in Australia, and as summer heats up, so does the competition. Be sure to catch these major surfing events.

Big Things in Australia...Literally

Australians like things big – really big – and there are about 150 giant, man-made monuments to prove it. In every state, there exist larger-than-life items ranging from pieces of fruit to livestock to barometers and beyond, waiting to impress unsuspecting motorists.