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Major Attractions of Ooty

Major Attractions of Ooty are Ooty Lake, Botanical Gardens, etc. The Novelty of Lake is it is an Artificial L-Shaped Lake and the Speciality of the Gardens is it houses Rare Varieties of Trees.

The Vivekananda Rock Memorial of Cape Comorin has been constructed to commemorate the Meditation of the Great Indian Philosopher Swami vivekannda in a small Island-like Rock 200 Metres from shore of Cape Comorin in 1892.

Major Tourist Landmarks of Ooty

Major Tourist Landmarks of Ooty are Government Rose Garden, Blue Mountain Railway, etc. Garden is the Largest Rose Garden of India. Unique Feature of Blue Mountain Railway is it is one of the few in the World that still depends on Steam Engine Locomotives for its operations.

Located on a Rocky Islet Offshore of Cape Comorin, Thiruvalluvar Statue, modelled on the Statue of Liberty of New York, U.S.A., is one of the Biggest Statues of Asia. It has been carved from a number of rocks which have been joined together later on and it has a height equal to the Total Number of Chapters of 'Thirukkural' the Master-piece of Renowned Tamil Poet, Thiruvalluvar.

The Cute Botanical Gardens of Ooty

The Special Feature of Cute Botanical Gardens of Ooty is it has Wonderful Five Gardens, namely, The Lower Garden, The New Garden, The Italian Garden, The Conservatory Garden and The Nurseries Garden.

Marina Beach, The Charm of Chennai

Marina Beach has various Unique Features like, it is the Second Largest Beach in the World, its Sun-sets are Spectacular, etc and hence it is called the 'Charm of Chennai'.

Major Tourist Places Around Ooty

The Major Tourist Places Around Ooty are Doddabetta Peak, Ketti Valley, Wenlock Downs, etc. Doddabetta Peak is the Highest Peak of Blue Mountains, Ketti Valley is the Second Largest Valley in the World and Sixth and Nineth Miles of Wenlock Downs are Major Film Shooting Areas of India.

The Main Attraction of Marayoor is its Dolmen or 'Muniyaras', as they catapult it to one of the Coveted Towns of Ancient Stone Age Civilization.

The Lustres of Chinnar Wildlife Santuary

The Lustres of Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary are its Smiling Peaks, Glittering Waterfalls (Thoovanam Waterfalls), Towering Watchtower, etc.

Periyar, a Unique Wildlife Sanctuary

Periyar is a Unique Wildlife Sanctuary for you can see here Wild Animals at Close Angles with the helps of Safe Boats, its Flora and Fauna are also Unique as you can't find them in any other Wildlife Sanctuaris of the World.