Michael Shaw

Mike grew up in Zimbabwe most of his life and then moved to New Zealand. He now has the travel bug instilled in him and loves visiting Australia.

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Essential Cambodia

Those who are looking for a sense of adventure, want to gain some knowledge or even just want to chill out on a beach and watch life floating leisurely by, then Cambodia can offer all of these pleasure and many more. This is a complex country.

Flying to NZ can be quite expensive because it is so isolated and distant from most countries. However there are methods to find affordable flights to New Zealand so that you too can experience 'The Land of the Long White Cloud'.

Britainís most interesting festivals

Britain might be famous for Glastonbury & the Isle of Wight festival, but fewer visitors realise that the Brits’ love of festival & the carnivalesque goes much deeper than Hendrix or wading knee-deep in mud with 250,000 other damp Glasto fans.

South East Asia - Street Food and Culture

For me, Asian food is, without a doubt, the best cuisine in the World. I love the freshness of the ingredients, the combination of spicy and sweet that works so deliciously and the ability to create a dish so tasty from just the simplest of ingredients. Therefore, my first few days in Vietnam were spent wandering the streets in search of the street food I had heard so much about.

South Australians are said to be some of the friendliest people in Australia. There is no doubting their good nature and warm welcome, and itís easy to make friends, even in just one afternoon. And with all South Australia has to offer, itís not hard to see why they are so cheerful!

The most satisfying golf holidays in Australia

Whether Australia is your home or your next holiday, if you play golf youíre most likely eager to explore the countryís superb variety of fairways. From the ancient Australian Golf Club in Sydney & those ultra-groomed greens around Melbourne, taking polite turns to host the Australian Masters, to majestic, challenging, roo-sprinkled courses like Joondalup near Perth, Australiaís courses are frequently spectacular, & its mellow weather permits year-round play on most of them.

Kangaroo Island

Many visitors come to Australia to see the unique wildlife and therefore they don't want to see animals in zoos but living wild in their natural habitat. Kangaroo Island is one of the best places to see fauna such as the koala, platypus, wallaby and kangaroo.