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I live in Cairns and love it - and can't help raving on about it!
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Up here in the tropical north, we are blessed with some of the world's most impressive white water rafting rivers within easy reach. In fact there isn't another place in Australia that can state that they have commercial rafting operations operating on 4 local rivers.

Ocean Spirit Cairns

Ocean Spirit cruises is one of Cairns best loved Great Barrier Reef Cruises. They do two different trips daily, and with these cruises you get to fully experience the Reef.

Mike Ball Dive

Well I've already raved about the scuba diving on my Mike Ball dive expedition, I've told you all how good the cod hole and Holmes Reef sharkfeeding were.

Are your travel plans realistic? Can you travel the distance you want in a day? Australia is a big country, just how big, find out here.

If surfing is your thing, then you must check out Bryon Bay, the Mecca of surfing in Australia. There you will find a place where surfing is not just a sport or favorite past-time but a lifestyle and local obsession.

Scuba Diving the Reef

One of the world's most famous scuba diving dive sites is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The Great Barrier Reef, off the east coast of Australia is the only living organic collective on earth visible from outer space.

Nursing in Australia

Like much of the rest of the world, Australia faces a shortage of skilled nurses. This has led to the practice of having overseas nurses travel to Australia to work for durations that can range from the short to the long-term. Australia nursing travel is quickly gaining popularity, with the methods followed here being replicated at other countries around the world.

Aussie Visa Requirements

In the modern world there are few things governments protect more fiercely than the security of their borders. Australia is no different. As such, there seem to be a countless number of different visas, each appropriate to only a very specific set of reasons for visiting Australia. It is all too easy to become lost in the paperwork and jargon. This article aims to clear the metaphorical fog and explain exactly what visa you require for your particular trip to Australia.

Cairns has to be considered Australia's Adventure Travel Capital, with activities such as world class rafting, skydiving and mountain biking on it's doorstep it is truly blessed.