Amr Ellaban

Amr Ellaban, an Egyptian musician devoted his life in love of Egypt. visit his sites at Mysteries of the Pyramids and slow music of egypt

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What You Need To Know About Map Of Egypt

Map of Egypt Practical information about Egypt Capital: Cairo Type of government: Parliamentary Republic Duration flight between USA and Cairo: 6 to 12 hours When to go to Egypt In the Red Sea region, the climate is desert and from February to June period although already hot remains pleasant Summer is suffocating but the proximity to the sea mitigates this impression

The Mighty Sphinx

Sphinx of Giza The sphinx of Giza is the statue therianthrope that stands before the Great Pyramids plateau of Giza, upstream of the Nile Delta in Lower Egypt It is also known by the Arabs Abu al-Hol ( "father of terror")

The Amazing Thing About Ancient Egypt

Although one can define temporally the ancient Egypt as the period in the history of Egypt from the invention of the hieroglyphic writing at the end of the ancient concept that refers specifically to the civilization that lived on the banks of the Nile during this period of almost four thousand years of history

Safari In Egypt A Dream

What is Safari The Safari through the desert in Egypt is the best opportunity to feel the spirit of adventure

Mysteries Of The Pyramids

The pyramids of Egypt, all vestiges monumental that we have inherited the Egyptians of the ancient world, including the three Great Pyramids of Giza, are both the most impressive and most emblematic of this civilization Tombs of kings, queens and leading figures from the State, whose construction dates for the vast majority at the beginning of the ancient Egypt, the pyramid-shaped stone hosts one or more internal chambers connected by corridors