Josey Walker

Josey Walker - The Founder & Managing Director of Stag Republic. We have been organising stag weekends abroad and hen weekends in Eastern Europe since 2000. More recently popular destinations include stag weekends in Krakow, Budapest and Riga. Contact: Josey Walker Stag Republic Phone: 00 3630 34 99 015 Email:

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Stag weekends have been going to some amazing locations in Eastern Europe for years now, and have been having a whale of a time So what about the rest us, those of us who aren’t getting married

A Quick Guide to Winter Stag Activities in Eastern Europe

You would think that a winter stag weekend in Eastern Europe would be a dull, miserable and very, very cold affair, but you’d be wrong Okay, there’s snow and admittedly quite a lot of it, but the snow makes these fantastic destinations even more beautiful and picturesque than they are in the summer

Beating the Credit Crunch – Top Stag Weekend Destinations

Planning a stag weekend in the middle of the ‘Credit Crunch’ can be a real nightmare, as you begin to realise how much the price of flights abroad has sky rocketed Luckily there are still some places in Europe that are fairly inexpensive to travel to, reasonably priced once you get there and becoming immensely popular

Poles Apart: Krakow’s Best Bars

The Polish capital of Krakow is becoming a hugely popular holiday destination Not only is it still fairly cheap to fly to, but it is also cheap when you get there