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Magical Taipei: Capital of Taiwan

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, has evolved through many stages since its founding in the eighteenth century Rice fields have yielded to skyscrapers, and a modern, commercial city of millions has grown out of once quiet settlements

Glorious Vilnius Lithuania: City of Churches

The Lithuanian city of Vilnius exudes southern charm under the northern sun Positioned in the natural amphitheatre of the surrounding Lithuanian hills, Vilnilus has a lot to offer Australian adventurers besotted with historical architecture

Unforgetable Vienna: Baroque Centre of Europe

Located in the very heart of Europe, Vienna is both a bustling city and a city known for its coffee houses, historic districts, lovely parks, elegant squares and romantic courtyards Vienna means cafe culture, music and wine

Vanuatu and Tonga - Hidden Treasures of the Pacific

Vanuatu consists of more than 80 islands, lying about 2000 kilometres north-east of Brisbane The largest island, Espiritu Santo, is 4010 square kilometres

Fiji Country Profile For Australian Holiday Makers

If you fly directly east from northern Queensland for 2500 kilometres, you will be over Fiji Looking down, you would see more than 800 islands some large enough to hold thousands of people, others are very small

Goa may be South India's smallest state, but it's also one of the country's most popular holiday, and historically, culturally and socially it offers a lot The former Portuguese colony has beckoned travellers for many years with its tropical beaches, liberal attitudes and tourist-friendly locals

The Thames - London's Landmark River

Thirty million years ago, before Britain was a small isalnd to the west of Europe, the Thames river was a tributory of the Rhine By A

Indian Meals: What To Have For Breakfast & Lunch?

Australians on vacation love a big breakfast to get them ready for the day's discoveries Many Australians also love Indian food