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Healing Story #6 - Indigo Blue

THE CLIMB up the canyon was steep at times; he envisioned the wall of water the Orator had talked about He thought he heard in the distance a deep, deep rumbling

Healing Story #8 - Tremon

THE YOUNG MAN reached over and rubbed the belly of Buddha as he pushed the door of his father’s cabin open At his desk his father was writing in his journal

Healing Stories - #4 Green

4Karü-Green ZIGGY HEARD a small child’s laughter as he approached the next house on the river A small boy was running through the yard, chasing a large blue butterfly that floated just out of his reach

Healing Story #5 - Turquoise

Chapter 5 Turquoise (Turqos) DOO-DOO-DOO-DOO, DOO-doo-doo-doo, DOO-doo-doo-doo” … it sounded to Ziggy like an old Indian chant as he came down the path Then he saw its origin―beside the river sat an elderly Mapuche man playing something like a Jew’s-harp

Healing Story #3 - Yellow

3 Chod-Yellow If you are joining this story for the first time please go to red and work yourself forward it will flow a lot better that way, God Bless you and good luck with discovering your color NOT ONLY WAS the straw of the hut yellow, but the rows of sunflowers and the large patches of herbs planted throughout the front yard all seemed to have yellow flowers

Story of Healing #2 - Orange

2 - Keluchod THE SMELL OF JASMINE was heavy as they approached the little cabin It sat on the river’s edge not more than 500 yards from Teddy’s

Healing Story - Birth and Death

This lesson was not a part of my original earth hearers class but in light of my mothers passing I decided it was appreciate to add to the class I know you will see the lessons I learned in it prepared me for understanding a son and a mothers love just a little deeper