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History in Durham County

Durham is quite a small city and many people settled here permanently and it is a district of County Durham in Britain It became famous because it has Norman Castle and Cathedral and now is home to Durham University

Info About Bedfordshire County, UK

A county Bedfordshire in Britain is part of the region of East Britain and Bedford is the county capital It shares its borders with Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and the Borough of Hertfordshire and Milton Keynes

Louisiana, USA – For a Great Vacation

No other state in the USA has as colorful a history as Louisiana It has been governed under 10 different Flags and it became an independent republic for six weeks before joining immediately joining the Confederacy

Iowa, USA – Give it a Look

The word ‘Iowa’ comes from the ancient American Indian tribe that used to live here This area was prohibitive to white settlers until around 1830

Idaho, USA - Is Ideal For a Getaway Break

The Spanish explored this area of land in 1592 and brought things like pigs, horses, tomatoes, beans, corn and garlic here Later mountain men lived as trappers and hunters and there are many sites and trails here showing their history

Georgia, USA – What a Destination

The life of the people in Georgia, USA from over 400 years ago is depicted in Itowah Indian Mounds State Historic Site Explore the museum for knowing the daily life of self sufficient American community

Florida, USA – The Name Says it All

Florida was inhabited by people 12,000 years ago and most of the animals of the world lived here Some of them have become extinct now e

Yes - Why Not Visit Alaska

In Bering Land Bridge National Preserve you will find a bridge that connected Asia to North America and is 13,000 years old Archeologists believe that it was this bridge from where the Asians, their animals & plants, crossed over to North America, during the glacial epoch