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Justin Burch writes articles about travel in Aruba for the Marriott Resorts.

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Cancun - Home of Mexico's Newest Champion

In 2007, the Atlante soccer club moved from Mexico City to Cancun Though many soccer fans thought the team to be an under-funded, under-appreciated group of second-rate players, Atlante endeared itself to locals by winning the Mexican First Division League championship in its first Cancun season

Vibrant History and Modern Excitement at Curacao's Forts

During the colonial period, Curacao was one of the Dutch Kingdom's most treasured Caribbean outposts As a result, the Dutch worked for more than three centuries to secure the island and protect their interests

Finding the Perfect Caribbean Island

As there are more than 7,000 islands dispersed throughout the Caribbean Sea, it can be difficult to determine which islands to visit on a Caribbean getaway When many islands seem to offer similar amenities and activities, it is important to find out what types of travelers are best served by each destination

The Spiritual Side of St. Kitts

While some Caribbean islands are known for their raucous atmosphere, St Kitts and its residents are content being quiet, peaceful and devout

Walking Through the History of St. Thomas

Though St Thomas is known as one of the best shopping destinations in the Caribbean, the island is also home to a wealth of historical intrigue

The Caribbean's Newest Musical Treasure - Cayman Jazz Fest

Several music festivals have popped up throughout the Caribbean in recent years One of the best of these new festivals is the Cayman Jazz Fest held on Grand Cayman

Deep-Sea Fishing in Cancun

Every day off the coast of Cancun, scores of visitors are introduced to the ultimate Caribbean sport Aboard all types of boats from tiny fishing vessels to luxurious private charters tourists of all ages have a chance to experience some of the world's best deep-sea and sport fishing

Windsurfing - Aruba's Signature Sport

Known throughout the world for excellent weather and ideal offshore conditions, Aruba has long been one of the best destinations for windsurfing Experienced windsurfers flock to the island each year to polish their skills and compete in prestigious competitions, most notably the annual Aruba Hi-Winds event