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East Sussex, UK, Information For Travellers

The County of East Sussex exists in South East Britain It shares its borders with Brighton, Hove, Kent, Surrey and on the southern side with the English Channel

Dorset, UK is Worth a Visit

Dorset primarily called Dorsetshire is a British county existing in South West on the English Channel sea shore Its county town is called Dorchester, which is situated in the south of the county

Fascinating Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire is a county of Britain that adjoins the borders of Lincolnshire in the northern side, Essex and Hertfordshire in the south, Norfolk in the northeast, Suffolk in the east and Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire to the west Modern Cambridgeshire got created from the ancient county of Cambridgeshire, together these two grew up with the earlier county of the Isle of Ely, Huntingdonshire, and Peterborough

All You Need to Know About Cheshire, UK

In North West Britain, there is county Cheshire The city of Chester is the county town and the location of the county council is also there

Kentucky, USA Has it All

The native Indians have lived and hunted in Kentucky as long as 13000 years now The Europeans, who in search of vast lands had arrived here in the 17th Century, and they started to uproot them

Hey There - Visit Indiana Soon

Indiana -The original homeland of the American Indians, was reached by White Settlers in the mid-1700s and they made there own colonies and settled there in growing numbers Many famous fiction authors were born in Indiana between 1895 and 1965

Visit Hawaii

Hawaii was visited by the British Captain James Cook who called it the Sandwich Islands Hawaii used to be a native kingdom and in the 20th Century it increased business trade and political connections with the US

Delaware State, USA - An Ideal Holiday

Early explorations were made by the Spanish and Portuguese in around 16th century Later the first white settlement was made by English pilgrims in 1631 and they settled here permanently

Alabama USA, Info

Before the arrival of the Europeans Alabama was of course populated by the Native American tribes: Albamu, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Koasati, Creek and also some nomadic tribes The Spanish explorers arrived at Mobile Bay in 1591 and an explorer, Hernando de Soto came earlier in 1540