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Essex, UK, Information For Visitors

A historic county Essex is situated in the East of England Chelmsford is its county town and apex point of the county is situated at Chrishall Common near the village Langley which is located near the border of Hertfordshire

Devon, UK, Info For Tourists and Visitors

Located in the South West of Britain, Devon, is a big county The county touches the borders with Cornwall in the west and Dorset and Somerset in the east

Cumbria, UK Interesting Information

Cumbria is an administrative county in the far North West of Britain It came into existence only after the passing of the Local Government Act 1972

Cumbria's Sporting Life

Football here is very popular and Carlisle United is Cumbria's professional football team and at present play in the English football structure They pull lots of support from Cumbria and beyond, with many ex pats Cumbrians travelling here to see and watch their games at both home and while playing away

Places to See in Berkshire, UK

Landscape view of Berkshire divides it into two clearly different classes with its boundary lying about on a north south line that penetrates the centre of Reading The east side of Berkshire lies mostly in the south of the River Thames and with this the River Thames forms its northern boundary

Interesting Recent History of Avon County, UK

The old County of Avon used to be a non-metropolitan county and formal county in the western side of Britain, named after River Avon, that flowed through it This county was abolished in 1996, and the area split between the North East Somerset and Bath, Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset united local authorities

Interesting Bucks, UK Facts

Buckinghamshire (also called Bucks) is a non-metropolitan home county in South East Britain and its county town is Aylesbury The largest city in this ceremonial County is Milton Keynes

Maine, USA First on Your Holiday List

The first white population settled in Maine in around 1607, thus gaining the area a reputation as the first to be settled by Europeans in North America The first very settlers were from Britain and its enemy at that time, France backed the local Indians who kept attacking the settlers to try and drive them out

Kansas, USA Must Be Seen to Be Appreciated

Kansas has a way back history dating from 12,000 BC when the native Americans first got here They were later forced to evacuate the land by the white migrants who came from the East in search for gold, land for farming and other business opportunities

Illinois, USA - A Prime Holiday Spot

Most of Illinois State was inhabited by the Indians until the French landed here, and then many more followed Of course they started exploring the land and began trading fur with the local Indians