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Maintenance Tips For Your Roller Skates

Maintaining your skates is extremely important, not only to ensure the long life of your skates but for a smooth, safe ride Skates need routine cleaning and maintenance and we have put together a guide to help you keep your skates in tip condition

An Introduction To Go Kart Racing

Both adults and children enjoy go kart racing or kart racing as most people prefer to call it Children from eight years old can enjoy this sport which is regulated by the the Motor Sports association in Europe where organisations such as the National Schools Karting Association organise meetings

Features To Look For When Buying A Wetsuit

Wetsuits from different manufacturers will have different features for improved performance and as selling points Some of these innovations are purely gimmicks and do nothing for either comfort or performance but some are useful and we've put together information on the more useful features that you should be aware of before you buy a wetsuit

Buying A Cheap Wetsuit - Some Tips

When purchasing a cheap wetsuit there are some things to be taken into consideration before you choose which one to buy The most important consideration is always going to be the fit