Len Q.

Len Q. is a master blade sharpener. If you would like to find out about - Knife Sharpening: How to Sharpen Knives, Maintain and Store Them - Sharpening Other Edges (i.e. Chain Saws, Lawn Mower Blades, Gardening Tools, Axes) Find it at http://www.MakeKnivesSharp.com

 Articles by this Author

Machete: How to Choose the Best Kind

When it comes to surviving a jungle, to breaking out of a tangled hell, there isnít anything, anywhere that can compare to the magnificent machete You wonít find another tool or device that can work as fast and as efficiently

Knife Throwing: So You Want to Be a Knife Thrower

So you want to be a knife thrower Well, as quick and to the point as can be, here are the fundamentals of becoming a knife thrower

Tree Climbing: The Greatest Kind of Tree Climber

The greatest kind of tree climber is the one who climbs with the barest disturbance to living trees and their inhabitants This climber knows how important trees are to the environment everywhere and to all air-breathing creatures on this earth

Machete: The Magnificent Machete

If youíve ever gone on a jungle trek, or been in dense undergrowth for many acres, youíve probably learned about a machete If there is another tool out there that can take you through dense, tangled, never-ending underbrush better than a machete, Iíd have a hard time believing it