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Andrew Watkins is the owner of Barbados Vacation Spots as well as being a contributor on occasions to Worldwide Vacation Spots and he thinks it would be worth your while to check out Caribbean Vacation Spots especially any information you can find about Barbados which is the destination he likes the best.

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Surfer's Point Guest House will give you the perfect family vacation if firstly you like Barbados, and secondly you want to relax and surf, whether it be pure surfing, kite surfing, or windsurfing With only seven rooms, and a real personality if one can say that about a Guest House, the beachfront Surfer's Point Guest House really does make for an affordable family vacation with an average price of less than USD150 a night

An Affordable Vacation in Barbados

Why not an affordable Caribbean vacation in a highly recommended Barbados Guesthouse We all still need holidays even in a recession An affordable Vacation comes high on many people’s list, and a lot of us want to go to Barbados, so where can we stay to allow us to have an affordable vacation, and yet one that we will really enjoy, especially in this time of recession