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Jason Law writes about Bahamas Vacation Spots as well as authoring several articles about Worldwide Vacation Spots and he recommends Caribbean Vacation Spots although The Bahamas is his favourite place on Earth

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Great Family Inn at Marsh Harbor Abaco Bahamas

Escape to Great Abaco Island and stay at the Lofty Fig Villas, ideal for a family vacation, and itís not too expensive, so take the chance to investigate There are six villas at Lofty Fig Villas, in three single storey buildings around a small freshwater pool, and that is the bare facts of the place, but immediately you start to investigate further you will realise what a great family inn Lofty Fig Villas is, a superb base for a family vacation on Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas

A Romantic Getaway on Cat Island in the Bahamas

If you want a romantic getaway in the Bahamas, or just to recharge your batteries, then try the Pigeon Cay Beach Club on Cat Island As a romantic getaway, a deserted beach, a small hotel style beach club, with blue sea and white sands sounds just about perfect