Emma Lelliott

Emma Lelliott is the General Manager of Captivating Cuba, an independent specialist in Trinidad holidays and hotels. With offices in Havana and the UK, Captivating Cuba can help you tailor-make the perfect Cuban holiday experience.

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Off the Island: The Best Water Based Activities in Cuba

There is no doubt at all that Cuba is a unique island full of interesting sights and sounds you cannot experience anywhere else in the world, but what it’s sometimes easy to forget is that there’s also a lot of exciting activities off the island – in the expanse of Caribbean waters that surrounds it

Hemingway’s Cuba

With the possible exceptions of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, Cuba has had no more famous former resident than the Nobel winning author Ernest Hemingway The hard drinking, womanising, American author of masterpieces such as For Whom the Bell Tolls and A Farewell to Arms fell in love with Cuba after visiting it several times, and he lived on Cuba from 1940 until1960, shortly before his death

Historical Tours of Cuba

There are many reasons that people go on Cuba holidays – the sun, sands, culture and beauty are all major draws, but perhaps the main reason for the island’s popularity is based on its infamous history Of course it’s not all about the revolution, and there’s plenty for history buffs to see on a tour of Cuba

The Sights and Sounds of Trinidad, Cuba

If you’re looking to sample a slice of rural Cuban life, then a stint in a Trinidad hotel could be just the ticket Located in the centre of the island, the city is labelled as a UNESCO world heritage site and is a hot sleepy town filled with colonial architecture and idyllic cobbled streets