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Healing Story #6 - Indigo Blue
Jason Wilson
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By Jason Wilson
Published on 12th December, 2008
THE CLIMB up the canyon was steep at times; he envisioned the wall of water the Orator had talked about He thought he heard in the distance a deep, deep rumbling

THE CLIMB up the canyon was steep at times; he envisioned the wall of water the Orator had talked about. He thought he heard in the distance a deep, deep rumbling. High above him was a hanging bridge suspended across the canyon. He daydreamed that someday he would sit with Armun on the bridge to admire the view from above. The rumble grew louder as he climbed. Because the height of the cliffs blocked his view, he could only see a short way ahead. As he rounded a corner the sound became overpowering. He looked up and at the top of the canyon wall, as if coming from the stone itself, he saw it―the source of the waterfall. He had seen a lot of waterfalls in his time in Costa Rica but nothing had prepared him for this. From what he could see it fell at least 300 feet. Climbing on, he could see the canyon wall one side of the river began to flatten out, and the cliffs over there grew higher. From this side of the river he could see the waterfall, set back as if to hide from view, tucked in a little side canyon. The young man saw a cabin at the river’s edge. Approaching it, he realized that it was only from that place would he be able to see the entire 500 foot waterfall. When he finally stood before it, beholding it in all its glory and with all its power he saw the “Corral De Aqua.” It was bigger then he had imagined. Though it was still a good distance away, he could tell it was massive and he could not wait to get closer.

Coming out of the house was clearly Teddy’s brother, Traru, his deep, deep blue eyes looking directly at the young man―gazing into his eyes as if looking directly into Ziggys soul. “So you have come for my waterfall, I knew you were coming today and I am glad you are here. Come, I must show you around.” The young man felt glad too. However, he could also feel a darkness of the spirits lurking in the corners of his mind, waiting for a sign of weakness. He imagined using sage to smoke them out, as his father use to sage the house, with special attention paid to the corners where he said the evil spirits hid. Traru led him to the river where, standing and looking at the Coral, he said, “For forty years I have protected the Corral. I bought all the land as far as you can see just before the big quake. My beloved country, Chile, has gone though many changes since then and there have been many times I was afraid and wanted to sell and leave, but Ruka, my spirit guide, told me to wait … he would send a new keeper with a vision of the future of the Corral. And today,” he said, looking at the young man “he has done that.” He lifted his arm and with two fingers pointed to the sky, and without looking up, he said, “Ruka has sent us a ‘sign.’ This is going to be a very good day.” The young man’s eyes followed Traru’s arm up past his fingers to the sky and saw, circling just above them...