THE YOUNG MAN reached over and rubbed the belly of Buddha as he pushed the door of his father’s cabin open. At his desk his father was writing in his journal. Turning, he said, “Wow, am I glad to see you.” and stood up to embrace his son. “I have been on such a powerful journey, my son, I can’t wait to tell you what I found.” Ziggy, looking over his dad’s shoulder, knew what his father had found. There next to his desk was a cabinet made of wood. On the shelves sat rows of small jars of golden nectar with a colorful silk scarf tied around each jar, starting with red on the bottom shelf and ending with violet on the top. He sat down in his favorite chair by the fireplace and waited as his father to prepare the tea. “I had a vision,” his father said, “in it I was told to go to the cave at the top of Tahquitz peak and there I would find the ‘soul of the world.’ You know me I’m always looking for the soul of the world, I had to go.” His father poured the tea and sat down with him. “On the way to the top of the mountain I met different people and animals who introduced me to the colored chakra healing honey you see on the shelves. Once in the cave I felt the presence of all of the good energy of the world. They told me I must do something.” He set his cup down. “They said I should build a large center and in that center I should gather all the knowledge that is in the world today about solutions to existing problems we and this planet now face. They called it a ‘Tool Shed’ and asked me to find the sharpest and best tools and place them at this location. They wanted to then give the people of this planet the opportunity to right the wrongs by sponsoring nation delegates that were being chosen by each country throughout the world to attend conferences on finding solutions to the environmental and health problems facing their homelands. We have a lot of work to do.” His father said. “First we must collect a list of all the organizations working on these problems.”

The boy took from his pocket the worn and crumpled list the Orator had given him. “I think I have a good start on our list.” He handed it to his father who smiled as he noticed many of his friends on the list.

“Where did you get this?”

“It’s a long story for another day.”

His father put the list on the coffee table in front of them and continued. “Next we must find a place where we can build this conference center. It must be a magical place where, when one is standing there, he can not help but feel he must preserve the planet.”

The boy stood up and grabbed a large blue tube he had placed by the front door. He pulled out a large canvas, rolled it out on the floor in front of them, saying, “I think I have found the place.”

His old man’s eyes welled up with tears as he looked at himself in the painting. Pointing to it he said. “That is the waterfall and pool I saw in my vision.”

Together they stood in silence. The boy felt worthy of God’s greatest gifts: Armun, the “Corral De Aqua,” his father, H.E.A.L and his future. He knew...