A trip to Movieworld 31 July 2008


Movieworld over the years has changed a lot. My last visit to this very popular theme park was when I was about 15 and the most popular ride at the time was the Lethal Weapon, one of the biggest and best rollers in the southern hemisphere. I then decided to go again to see what was new. The theme park itself was one of its quietest I have ever seen it! Was it because of the economy or a very slow period during the year?? When I went on the lethal weapon it was just me and another gentleman who was also surprised of how many people were in the theme park saying he had never seen this place so quite. However I had a blast going on rides over and over again and the queue wait was as little as ten minutes. The new superman ride was a ride like I have never been on before, firstly this ride goes from 0-100km per hour in 2 secs now that’s fast. I had my eyes shut the entire time I was on this ride as I started to feel very sick but in a good way, and the end of the ride I concluded that this was by far the best thrill ride I have ever been on and was egar to go on it again and again. What I didn’t like about this ride was the lockers you had to hire if you had a bag or any loose items, this set me back $2 a ride which I believe was a great revenue raising tactic for Movieworld nether the less it worked.


It was now time for lunch and I had a very dodgy fish & chips which set me back a whopping $15. Note to yourself always bring your own lunch as it is far cheaper and better quality a favourite of mine would be bringing your own sushi packs (cheap & healthy). After lunch I then proceeded onto the Scooby Doo ride which I have to admit is was a very scary ride for something that is aimed at kids I mean come on most of the ride goes backwards and in the dark!!!


I then headed towards the wild west ride which to date have to be my favourite as the ride takes you through movie set like scenes of the wild west before you head down the waterslide like ride and into a pool of water (very fun). Movieworlds most newest ride the batman slingshot was very brief and I have to say not a big fan. Firstly there is a countdown and then you are shot up into the air at 100km per hour and then shot up again although a great view of the theme park.

I legs then got tired and I proceeded home, I took public transport in which I thought was very reliable and great to get around on a budget. The buses are express from surfers to all the theme parks so the travel time is about ½ hour depending on where you are staying. In all a wonderful day

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