electronics Australia Camping

When we decide to take some free time and go camping, we try to keep ourselves as distant from technology as possible.

However, there are still a few gadgets that we cannot leave behind. These are the electronic devices that can enhance your camping experience.

So, if you are planning a camping trip, get equipped with these cool electronic devices, to make the most of your journey. Use them correctly, and these gadgets will leave you with some memorable camping moments.

GoldEye Bar

If you are keeping your laptop for your camping trip, take this device as it is the first ever and most powerful solar charger for all of your devices--including your notebook.

The device provides 19 volts to all the electronic devices it connects to.  If you are wondering about its effectiveness, then you will be glad to know that this device can even boost a vehicle quickly and proven to increase almost 99% of all devices.

The gadget is handy and small to perfectly fit your luggage.

GPS Navigator (680t) – Garmin Montana

We all are addicted to Google’s map service, but it has its limitations especially when you plan to go for outdoor activities like camping.

Such activities require more powerful (GPS) devices such as Garmin Montana 680t. This handy gadget is preloaded with almost 100,000 topographical maps of different spots in the US.

You will also get a one-year subscription for the BirdEye – Satellite imagery service.

Portable UV Purifier – SteriPEN

For activities like camping, a person has to be very careful with their eatables and water intake. Even clear streams can have some microscopic organisms that can be harmful to intake.

To ensure safety, you can now take with yourself a life-saving gadget - The SteriPEN. This purifying device helps remove dangerous microorganisms from water.

All you have to do is dip the SteriPEN in the water bottle, stir the device for at least 90 seconds and drink 99.9% purified water.

Biolite BaseCamp

No matter where we head to, a stove is a must-have for a camping trip. Instead of looking for firewood, you can now relax with a handy stove that is made to enhance your camping experience even more.

The best part about Biolite BaseCamp is that you can also get your cell phone charged while you cook some scrumptious food.

Additionally, you can connect any USB-connected device easily as the stove converts the heat into usable energy.

Trail Hunting Cameras

No camping trip is complete without carrying a high-definition camera to capture the best moments.

Take with you the Trail Hunting Camera which comes complete with outdoor surveillance features such as monitoring your office or warehouse.

This is also a great device for an up-close and personal wildlife experience as it comes with motion sensor and IR laminators.

Whether you will enjoy the camping experience or not depends on the level of preparations you make beforehand.

Get yourself equipped with all of these above shared cool gadgets to make your camping trip extremely convenient and adventurous! Happy camping!