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Seeing Australia on a Budget
Jason Hall
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By Jason Hall
Published on 24th July, 2017
Things to do on the cheap in Australia

Seeing Australia on a Budget

Australia is a dream destination for many, but due to the high cost of living in the country, it might seem out of reach for some, however, there are numerous ways to see Australia while still keeping to a strict budget. Detailed below are some options for a cost effective vacation in the sun.


A camping holiday is a great way to enjoy your freedom; all you need is your camping equipment and a hire car to get you to your location. You’ll find plenty of free sites to camp in Australia, and with the numerous national parks and picturesque scenery, you are assured of some breath-taking views.

If you are planning a camping vacation, you’ll find some useful sites online that detail the free locations, or go through a commercial company and plan your camping trip that way.

Road trip

A road trip is an excellent way to experience Australia. By setting your own agenda, you choose the sites you have always wanted to witness, and it’s possible to create your own unique experience. To keep costs down, consider car sharing with friends or family, and find a budget car rental firm to further reduce your expenditure.  Popular road trip routes include the Sydney to Melbourne Coastal Drive, the South Australian Loop and the Red Centre Way.

Working holiday

If you plan on staying in Australia for a longer period, a working holiday might be a good option, and it will allow you to earn some money while seeing more of the country. However, you’ll need to have a significant amount of savings in the bank in order to do this and you’ll need a working visa.

Another aspect you’ll need to consider is transportation. Public transport might be an option, however, for convenience, consider car rental and keep the cost down further by using a reliable hire company, like Budget Rent a Car.


There are numerous hostels throughout Australia that can provide an ideal base to travel from; hostels also provide an affordable accommodation option and there often isn’t any booking fees, which will help to further reduce your costs. If you plan on using hostel accommodation a lot, then consider joining an organization like YHA Australia as they give members a discount on hostels worldwide, and reductions on local car hire are available.

In addition, you’ll find a lot of useful resources on the hostel websites such as itinerary planning and information on visas, which will all assist in the planning of your trip.

Walking tours

Choosing a walking tour to explore the sights is cheaper than using public transport; these tours are often held in the cities. In addition, if you plan on traveling further afar from the main areas, then both guided and self-guided vacations are available; accommodation and food will be provided for each day of the tour.

Walking tours provide an excellent way to see Australia while providing the opportunity to explore the great outdoors with friends and family, but you still might want to consider car hire in Australia to get you to your initial destination.

House swap

If the cost of accommodation is prohibitive, then an Australian house exchange might be a viable option. There are numerous sites online where you can search by destination, arrival and departure dates; some of these agencies offer a significant reduction on travel costs as well, and without having to pay a hotel bill, your vacation will be made considerably cheaper.

If you want to explore the idea of a house exchange further, there are numerous forums online, and the specialist house exchange sites offer useful resources to make the process easier.