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Why I Fell in Love with Hong Kong
Alex Dragas
Young guy looking to become a travel blogger in the future. Love good music, eating cool food, meeting new people and enjoying new moments and experiences. 
By Alex Dragas
Published on 17th April, 2017
An article about me going to explore Hong Kong and reasons why I fell in love with the city.

Why I Fell In Love With Hong Kong
I am a traveller and I have visited a lot of cities in the world. However, I donít have the right words to express how it felt like to be in Hong Kong. I didnít know that one can fall in love with a place until I got there and nothing can perfectly capture the magic in this city. I will always love this city, time and again! How I fell in love with Hong Kong I did not expect leaving this city to be as difficult. It felt like breaking up with a man that I had been in love with since childhood and the yearning to go back to him kept weighing me down. It is impossible to imagine that a place can be so amazing. The food culture I loved the food in Hong Kong . They mostly prepare Chinese or Cantonese meals and there is nothing better in this world. You might not understand what I am talking about until you taste it. I got the chance to dine in several restaurants and sometimes, from pack and carry joints. At some point, I even found myself wishing I was born there. Shopping I have shopped in many places but nothing compares to Hong Kong. I am the type that shops because I have to but this time, I really had fun. You can find anything there! I mostly enjoyed the street shopping. The Ladies Market that is known as Tung Choi Street is most interesting. I found the prices unbelievably friendly and everyone was so kind. It felt like home. Lantau Island and Big Buddha I decided to go for a hike through Lantau Island. If you love hiking, you should really try this place! It is actually the largest island in Hong Kong and I took some really amazing photos that I intend to keep. Guess who I found on this island? The Big Buddha! I felt like I was in a dream. All my life, I only saw Buddha in photos and this time it was real. How could I not love this place? The energy and vibe I fell in love with Hong Kong because it is a crowded city full of amazing people. Itís like they are always in a festive mood. I found affection everywhere and of all the places that I have been to, this is the only one that felt like home. Systems efficiency I love the way the systems in Hong Kong are efficient. I used public transport and despite the fact that there are so many people, it was always available. The escalator system was also good! The fashion parade Like any other girl, I love fashion. However, I felt like I was underdressed because everyone else there looked stunning regardless of their occupations. I once saw a teenage girl in stilettos that I cannot even wear in my own house. The Sala Raj Thai massage One day I decided to get a Sala Raj Thai massage. It is a traditional hong kong massage that I would easily die for! I felt like a totally different person afterwards. Why havenít you visited Hong Kong already?