In traveling circles, you hear the same destinations being discussed and I for one, am not one to always go with the flow. I want something different which will offer a unique experience. For a long time have been a fan of Croatia as a tourism destination because it offers plenty to think about. But still, I didnít want to go to the established destinations like the ones in Zagreb. Through some research, I discovered this upcoming tourism destination of Sibenik. And without wasting time, I planned a two-day visit to Sibenik and my experience there exceeded my expectations. Like in all my previous travels, in the first day, I started with a visit to the most important attraction in Sibenik which is the St. James Cathedral . Why save the best for last when tomorrow is unknown? The Cathedral of St. James has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000 and its one of the most popular architectural monuments in Croatia. Apart from being a unique monument, itís the only cathedral I know where a fee of $2.20 is charged to tourists. But in the end, it was money well spent. From this historic cathedral, I decided to travel to locations where I could marvel at the beauty of Sibenik as a whole. To this regard, the town has four fortresses with three of them (Subicevac, St. Michael and St. John fortresses) overlooking the town. The other, St. Nicholas Fortress, is located at sea. While it's possible to visit all the fortresses, I opted to visit St. Nicholas Fortress and having asked around I settled on St. John Fortress on land which has a spectacular view of the old town and a couple of islands in the sea. It was a very picturesque site. After this, I called it a day and settled in my apartment at Apartment Luka having indulged in some Croatian cuisine of Dalmatinski and Sarma. On the second and last day of the trip, I decided to take a stroll around the town and further explore ancient architecture which fascinates me before I departed to Krka National Park to wrap up my trip. After a few minutes in, I noticed the town is growing rapidly because many people who visit this town decide to invest in real estate in Sibenik which is booming and at the same time cheap to buy. At the heart of the town, I couldnít help but notice the massive statue of King Peter Kresimir IV located near Hotel Krka. At the turn of the head, there was the Old Town where Sibenik town hall is located. Itís a lovely place to spend time and exploring the narrow streets is fulfilling. A further 10-minute walk and I was standing on Banj Beach which has a spectacular view sweetened by the presence of swans near the shore. After eating some Pasticada and Rizot for lunch, I took a drive out of the city to Krka National Park which is located 20 KM away from the town. While the national park is technically out of Sibenik, it is a must visit when visiting the town. However, since the park is large, I couldnít get to see everything but only the top attraction of the park which is Skradinski Buk. The beauty of Skrandiski Buk can be overwhelming because itís nature in its purest form. All in all, my experience in Sibenik was better than I could have hoped and I look forward to my next inevitable visit.