If you are planning a holiday in South Australia, then you will want to add at least one of the amazing road trips to your itinerary. South Australia is known for its rugged outback terrain; but there is also a coastal vibe along the southern coast of this state. When you are planning a road trip in South Australia, you should hire a 4WD or all-terrain vehicle so that you will be able to traverse the rugged state. When you hire a truck at Budget Trucks Australia, we can help you find the right vehicle for your needs. You may not need a 4WD vehicle for each of these road trips, but it is generally recommended. The 5 South Australian road trips we will be featuring in this blog are The Explorer’s Way, The Seafood Frontier, The Southern Ocean Drive, The Mighty Murray Way, and the Coastal Way.


The Explorer’s Way


The Explorer’s Way takes you through the South Australian outback from Adelaide all the way to the Northern Territory Border. The road trip takes you through the Flinders Ranges, Arkaroola, Marree, Port Augusta, and Coober Pedy. Some of the highlights of this road trip are the Barossa Valley wine country, Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges, the Arkaroola Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Aboriginal rock art in Brachina Gorge. You will also be able to see the unique landscapes of the Moon Plain and The Breakaways where Mad Max III was filmed. This road trip also gives you the chance to visit Coober Pedy, a unique opal mining town mostly built underground.


The Seafood Frontier


On the southern coast of South Australia is the Eyre Peninsula. The Seafood Frontier Road Trip takes you all along the Eyre Peninsula and you should plan to tour some of it over the water as well as on land. The Eyre Peninsula is known as Australia’s seafood capital. Here you will find some of the best and freshest seafood in Australia and even the world. You can enjoy delicious seafood both on land and in the water. On the water, you can enjoy seafood tasting expeditions or dive expeditions. One of the most well-known dive expeditions takes place off the coast of South Australia at Port Lincoln and that is the thrilling, exhilarating and extreme great white shark cage expeditions. However, if that isn’t your speed, there are plenty of other dive opportunities including the Australian giant cuttlefish dive at Stony Point near Whyalla, swimming with the sea lion in the shallows, and the Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience where you can swim with a sea lion colony. If you thought South Australia was all about the rugged outback desert, then this road trip is a great way to change your mind and experience the variety that South Australia has to offer.  


The Southern Ocean Drive


Some consider the Southern Ocean Drive a South Australia extension of the Great Ocean Road trip. Although the Southern Ocean Drive may not be as well known, it is a fantastic way to see more of the coast of Australia and the variety that South Australia has to offer including beaches, the Coonawarra wine region, the Naracoorte Caves, Victor Harbor, the Coorong, and Kangaroo Island too. This is an exciting road trip that has a great variety so offers up something for everyone.


The Mighty Murray Way


The Mighty Murray Way takes gets its name because it follows the Murray River down South Australia. They Murray River is called mighty because it is Australia’s longest river, flowing for over 2,500 km from New South Wales and Victoria before meandering through South Australia before letting out into the Southern Ocean. It is the lifeblood of the region because is suppliers water to over 1.5 million households. Highlights along the Mighty Murray Way include plenty of great food and wine tasting opportunities, Ruston’s Rose Garden and Visitor Centre, Monash Adventure Park, The Village, Historic Loxton, Cobdogla Irrigation and Steam Museum, Cliffs at Walkers Flat, Monarto Zoo, Murray Princess, and the Goolwa Wharf Precinct.


The Coastal Way

The Coastal Way road trip is another way to celebrate the coast of South Australia, it takes you through the Yorke Peninsula. As recently as the 1990’s, this peninsula was almost completely deserted. It has been more developed now, but is still quite peaceful and laid back. It is ideal if you want a coastal holiday without all the crowds and tourists. Fishing is very popular here and dining on the fresh, local seafood is the thing to do. Water sports, surfing and diving are all big pastimes here. If you love dividing shipwrecks, then this is the place to be; there is the Investigator Strait Shipwreck Trail off the coast where you will find about 40 different wrecks to explore off the coast of Edithburgh. Other things to do on the Coastal Way road trip includes visiting Innes National Park, taking Quenten Agus’ Aboriginal Culture Tours, and visiting the old Cornish mining town of Moonta.