The exotic town of Port Douglas which dwells in Far North of Queensland is a great place to spend your vacation. Ideally situated on a plain, surrounded by the lush landscapes and majestic mountains, Port Douglas is just 60 km from Hobart. Getting an accommodation in Port Douglas is not at all difficult, as this place has a large number of hotels.

Port Douglas offers something for everyone, just check our “top picks” below and find your favourite:

  • For an intoxicating experience, visit the Shannonvale Tropical Fruit Winery. Tease your taste buds with an impressive array of tropical fruit flavoured wines, and enjoy a personalised wine tasting tour by the owners.

  • Experience the magic of 4 different types of habitat-rainforests, wetlands, woodlands and grasslands at the Rainforest Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary. Enjoy 180 different species in this one Sanctuary and marvel at their uniqueness.

  • Walking on 4 Mile Beach. This beach with firm sand has been used for, horse, motorcycle and foot racing. Enjoy stretches of this wonderful beach without any development in site. The accommodations along the beach are well hidden, and you feel as if you are walking on your private gateway.

  • To satisfy your artist hunger, visit the Oceanic Art Gallery home to Aboriginal and Australian Art.

  • To get the essence of the place, it is a must to mingle with the locals. One of the essential things to do here is to visit the Cotters Market held on Sundays. Enjoy the fresh produce and arts and crafts on display by the locals.

  • Take a sky safari and enjoy the bird view of the scenic beauty of Port Douglas and its surrounding areas. This is a sure shot winner!

  • Another way to enjoy the bird view is to go hot air ballooning. Soak in the quietness and the feeling that you are floating!

  • Enjoy a luxurious shopping spree and the reef cruises at the Marina Mirage, with shops on one side and beautiful marina on the other side. You have some of the best restaurants, shops at your disposal.

  • Port Douglas is well known for its style and sophistication. Visitors can choose from stunning sailboats or luxury yachts to the ultimate in high-tech marine on the wave piercing catamarans.

The Great Barrier Reef

There are lots of opportunities to take a quick boat trip out to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stretching for around 1,600 kilometres, it's a series or group of reefs rather than a single strip - something that surprises some visitors.

From Port Douglas, you can easily reach some of the very best sub-reefs for scuba diving including St. Crispin, Opal, Agincourt and so on. There are all sorts of options here. You can scuba dive, take a semi-submersible or just a plain old-fashioned but still great fun glass-bottomed boat tour. It's an experience not to be missed.

The Daintree Rainforest

Another thing some visitors to the area don't know is that Daintree has the world's oldest rainforest - and it's another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It's just a breathtaking natural habitat and one where you can travel around on Ziplines and climb the top of the canopy to take in the wonders. It's possible to take non-intrusive 4x4 tours on dirt tracks to get at least some idea of what the world looked like before man intervened.

The Great Dividing Range

If you like adventure, you'll love it here! Hiking, climbing, riding and mountain biking - they're all here. Try climbing the "Devil's Thumb" for some amazing views and a sense of real achievement.

Indigenous adventures

Of course, the indigenous peoples of this country lived in this region long before European settlers 'discovered' it.

Today you can take tours of the mangrove swamps and rainforest led by people from the local community of the First Nations. They'll show you how to catch fish traditionally, to interpret forest signs and some of the ways to identify and prepare natural foodstuffs as well as the methods for spotting those things that are inedible. It's a fascinating experience and one that fully justifies its inclusion in any list of holiday adventures.


It hopefully also goes without saying that there are all the usual traditional activities like sailing, windsurfing, swimming, fishing and a host of other water and beach-related sports to participate in. Given the fantastic weather and beautiful local beaches and countryside, you can be sure you won't be at a loss around here.

Don't let any of this put you off, though. Port Douglas offers you more than you can imagine - an enticing combination of sophistication and relaxed village life. Plan your trip to this wonderful place and enjoy the thrills this place has to offer.