The clear blue sea, warm sun and all the peace and quiet in the world is what you wake up to every day spent in Mediterranean area of Europe. Along with picturesque beaches and amazing local food, the coastline of the world renowned Mediterranean sea offers you cultural diversity and amazing nature as you walk the path of ancient Rome, Greece and Carthage. With a large number of islands scattered around in this large archipelago, it's unavoidable for some to become more popular than the others. But that doesn't necessarily mean that smaller and less known destinations aren't worth of visiting and you time. So I'll do my best to give you a brief introduction to few islands that should be on every travel bucket list.


Sifnos in Greece

Imagine secluded beaches with crystal clear water, surrounded with orange rocks that almost make you smell the aroma of orange and spices and you have imagined Sifnos. With amazing local gastronomy, it is a paradise for foodies by offering a wide array of seafood dishes and creative local delicacies, often presented and served in hand made pottery. Every evening, plates of food are switched with elegant cocktail glasses as this location has quite an exciting nightlife scene.


Ischia in Italy

Situated in the Bay of Naples, this Italian island offers incredible scenery as it is filled with vineyards, forests and beaches. As it is covered with mountains, it is perfect for guided geological hikes. Ischia dedicates a lot of energy to well being and is thus know for its quality thermal spas. The most beautiful sight is definitely the Aragonese Castle, a castle built on a rock near the island by Hiero I of Syracuse 474 BC. Serving as the main port, the town Ischia (named as the island) has lovely beaches and a romantic setting that is not to be missed.


Formentera in Spain

Formentera is the smaller island of the Pityusic Islands group (the other island being Ibiza). The island features an interesting artisan market filled with artistic and leather goods, handmade items and crafts, available for you at very affordable prices. With incredible beaches and scenery, find a secluded spot to watch the sunset when visiting this destination. As it is a small island, the fun thing to do is to take a bike ride and ride from one end of the island to the other, with 19 green bike routes being available.


Milos in Greece

Memerable landscapes created by peculiarly shaped rocks surrounding the shore, Milos is a one of a kind destination. It offers a variety of activities such as visiting a number of natural caves or bathing in thermal springs. Quite a few villages are scattered around the island, each one with a different feel - Plaka is the capital, Adamantas the harbour, with a couple of other that invite you to explore their little lagoons.


Brac in Croatia

The largest of the Dalmatian islands, Brac is one of the sunniest Mediterranean destinations. Most known for its splendid chameleon-like beach called Zlatni Rat, it is a place to wonder around and enjoy the breathtaking scenery, rich cultural heritage and stepping along the same famous Brac stone that so many incredible buildings in the world are made of. Visit Bol, the largest center on the island to enjoy the fine cuisine and smiles of locals. Or travel along to the smaller fishing villages to experience the daily life of the island. This wonderful island is accessible only through local boat and yacht charter services.


And yet, this is just a tiny fraction of everything that Mediterranean has to offer. Depending on what you are looking for there is high chance that you will find it on some of the islands in these parts of Europe. All it takes is some research and planning, and surely you'll bring back home some wonderful memories.