The Mediterranean basin is one of the most friendly and attractive places for travelers around the world. This region attracts over 306 million tourists every year and the forecasts are saying that this number is going to double in about 10 years. The Mediterranean is the exotic European destination, offering unique cuisine, pleasant climate and great diversity of natural and historical treasures. However, the most iconic part of the Mediterranean basin is represented by its coast and islands. Bellow, we will introduce you to the some of the most impressive islands in the Mediterranean and let you know why should put them on your traveling bucket list.

Santorini (Greece)

Santorini is one of the most popular island in Greece, located in the Aegean Sea, about 200 km southeast from the mainland. The most striking thing that you'll notice when arriving on Santorini is the local architecture. From the distance island and the cities shine with unique dreamlike ambiance, with its white buildings perfectly contrasted with blue rooftops. It is bound to impress everyone with the good eye for the aesthetics. This island is shaped as a big "C" and was formed around a volcano. The volcano is still active and it can be visited. There aren't many places in the world like Santorini, which manage to combine a spectacular scenery, beautiful beaches, ancient cities and some great restaurants into a perfect creation. Santorini never ceases to amaze you.

Sardinia (Italy)

This island is located right in the middle of the Mediterranean and its existence has been mentioned many times in history. Even if Sardinia is a relatively mountainous region, it manages to provide some impressive natural sights. From dreamlike mountains, over sandy welcoming beaches, to crystal clear azure sea waters, nature of Sardinia is bound to charm you. Like pretty much anywhere in the Mediterranean, on Sardinia you'll witness some great cultural heritage reflected mostly in architecture from the the ages gone by. Domus the Janas or better known as "The House Of Witches" is one of the best preserved megalithic monuments in Europe and it's certainly worth of your time.

Ibiza (Spain)

Ibiza is one of the most attractive destinations, not just in Mediterranean, but in the whole Europe. It has mainly earned this popularity for its summer electronic music festivals and for its many nightclubs. However, Ibiza is more than that as you can enjoy many other things while on Ibiza. This island is also known for its amazing beaches, paved with the finest white sand and the crystal clear sea in the background. Playa d'en Bossa is one of the most wonderful and active beaches, and besides sunbathing, you can enjoy in surfing, snorkeling and paragliding there. If you'd like to explore the historic part of Ibiza, you can wander around the city and admire its great architectural wonders. But be sure to visit Dalt Vila, an ancient fortress that still up to this day amazes with its incredible design and imposing presence.

Mykonos (Greece)

Known also as “The Island Of The Winds”, Mykonos is part of Cyclades island group, located in the Aegean Sea. This island offers a successful combination of a cosmopolitan atmosphere, magnificent beaches, great nightlife and some incredibly picturesque landscapes. If you want to admire the overall beauty of the place, just take a walk around the narrow streets of Chora and you will surely be thrilled by its wonders. Little Venice is another place that needs to be visited. This place is known for its breathtaking sunsets that can't be compared with anywhere else in the world. The luxury hotels, the great restaurant and the marvelous landscapes, are making from Mykonos a great traveling destination.

Krk (Croatia)

Krk is one of the most popular islands in Croatia and it attracts over half a million tourists every year. Krk offers a great diversity of attractions and it can please even the most prominent tourists. Like the rest of Croatia, this place also impresses with its great historical and architectural treasures. City of Krk is without any doubt, the most iconic attraction of this island. Its 2000 years old walls will amaze you and so will the Frankopan Castle and the Krk Cathedral. Many local yacht charter services on Krk are offering sailing trips all around the island. This is a perfect way to truly appreciate its natural wonders. Some of the most regarded Croatian “Blue Flag” beaches are actually located on Krk, like famous Oprna Beach and Glavotok Beach.

The Mediterranean Europe is a great and welcoming destination for all types of tourists. No matter which island you choose, you are bound to have unique and memorable experience.