Taking a road trip through Australia is one of the most exciting things that people can do in their lives. They will see so many different sights and they will meet lots of memorable people. One of the best places to visit in Western Australia is the Pinnacle Desert. Situated within Nambung National Park, the vast desert is home to huge limestone formations that jut out of the earth. They have to be seen to be believed.

There are several theories about how the Pinnacles were created. Some people think that the formations were caused by weathering that eroded the limestone to leave it in the current jagged shapes. Others think that the limestone formed around tree trunks that were buried inside. There is also the suggestion that plant roots died and were filled with limestone over time. Whatever the reason is for them existing, people are very lucky to be able to see the Pinnacles for themselves.

Read this guide which covers everything from car rental to what to see in the Pinnacle Desert.

What Else Is In The Pinnacle Desert?

Some people might think that all deserts are completely empty of wildlife or plants because of the dry land and the extreme heat. However, this isn’t the case.

The Pinnacle Desert is home to lots of different types of flora and fauna. Grey kangaroos, emus and sand goannas are just three of the animals that call the Pinnacle Desert their home.

Getting Around The Desert

Getting around the desert can be done in a van or a car. A spacious car will allow everyone to relax in comfort whilst they are driving through the desert and the national park. Choose car hire in Perth by Ace Rent a Car for this trip.

When Is The Best Time To Go There?

The best time of year to visit the Pinnacle Desert and the rest of Nambung National Park is when the weather is cooler. August to October brings milder temperatures and is when the desert starts to bloom with flowers. The cooler weather allows people to walk about without getting heatstroke.

Can People Camp There?

Camping is not permitted in the Pinnacle Desert, but it is possible to stay at hotels that are in Cervantes, the town which is next to the natural park. The no camping rule is designed to remove the risk of bushfires and to reduce the amount of litter that is dropped in the national park.

What Should People Take?

People should take lots of water with them, even when the weather is cooler. This will prevent people from getting dehydrated when they are in the Pinnacle desert. Suitable clothing such as loose trousers and tops will prevent people from getting burned by the sun. Always remember to pack some strong suncream and to apply it regularly throughout the day, even on areas that are protected by clothing. A good sun hat is also an important thing to take.

People who are thinking about visiting the Pinnacle Desert should use this guide as a reference.