Croatia offers you a lifetime opportunity exploring the exotic wonders of the Adriatic. One of the most notable facts about Croatia is its richness with islands. It has over 1000 islands on a small surface which makes it one of the most popular sailing hotspots in whole Europe. It would take you a lifetime to explore all the islands, but to make things easier, here is a list of the top 5 you absolutely have to visit:


The island of Hvar; source:

Hvar is one of the most famous islands in Croatia and its located strategic in the central part of the Croatia southern province of Dalmatia. There is something unique here for everyone, whether you love biking the wine trails in the Stari Grad, gaze at the stunning cliffs of Sv.Nedilja or enjoy a luxurious party in the beautiful city, Hvar has it all. It is a place of party goers, wine lovers, food lovers, and adventures. You can go a step further and explore the other archipelago of stunning islands that are nearby.


Stiniva beach, island of Vis ; source:

Vis is the ideal place for lifetime adventures and its a remote island of Croatia with a long history of winegrowing.First, it has the unusual intact nature, beautiful sunbathed beaches, crystal clear blue sea, and natural wonders. It's an absolute paradise for divers and snorkelers, with a sea floor that radiates life throughout the year. The underwater and the marine life looks amazing. It has marines caves like the green and blue cave that will give you a unique world experience. Stiniva, small and rocky cove in the southern part of Vis is known as the most stunning beach in Europe. Vis is the place you need to be for your next out of the world adventure.


View over Pag Island, Croatia; source:

Pag is a gem and its located north of the Adriatic and best known for its yummy food. Pag cheese is the best in the world and combined with beautiful nature, the crystal clear sea, and fabulous beaches make Pag a lovely holiday destination. Enjoy the perfect Mediterranean scenery as you sip the best wine and munch the best tasty cheese, then take a dive to the most fantastic beach, makes this Island a holiday full of memories.


National Park Mljet Island; source:

Mljet is one of the greenest islands in Croatia, with large parts covered by forests and the other parts dotted by beautiful vineyards, small villages, and beaches. Mljet has a national park with amazing sights, with two salty lakes Veliko and Malo and beautiful beaches for sunbathing. This is one island that makes you interact with nature.


Cres island from above;

Cres is one of the largest island found in the Adriatic Sea. It has a hilly side that features spectacular bays and array of pebble beaches. The most notable attraction in Cres Island is the unique freshwater lake of Vrana, which is a natural phenomenon and one of the deepest freshwater lakes in the whole of Eastern Europe. Scuba diving, hiking, and watersports are the most popular activities in Cres Island.

The high sheer diversity these beautiful Croatian islands shows that there is something adventurous for everyone. You can visit these islands either with the local ferry or with a boat from a local charter. The best time to visit these islands is during summer, when the weather is sunny and water is warm enough for swimming and diving.