With ancient healing methods, exotic locations and attentive individual services, Southeast Asia is a major destination that is contributing to this boom. Here are the tourism hotspots that have stood out when it comes to wellness tourism in Southeast Asia.


Singapore is one of the island countries in Southeast Asia. It is among the most urbanized and advanced countries globally. Wellness or medical tourism is one the steadily flourishing and growing sectors in Singapore. This country has an extremely efficient healthcare system that has been ranked at position 6 in the World Health Report by the World Health Organization. The country boasts of a world-class healthcare system, facilities and doctors. Some of the specialties that you will get in the healthcare centers in Singapore include orthopedic, dental services, cosmetic surgery, ophthalmology and cardiac treatments.


Wellness and spa tourism is widespread in Thailand. Wellness and spa facilities are mostly found in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Koh Samui, Hua Hin and Phuket. In fact, some of the most famous massage techniques and wellness practices originated from Thailand. For instance, traditional Thailand massage has been perfected as an art over the years. It has its roots in the practice of the local Buddhists but it has been perfected across the spas in the country. Other wellness practices that you will find in Thailand include Thai herbal compress, Thai foot massage and Ayurvedic practice.


Malaysia has 72 hospitals that have registered with the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council to provide treatment and services to health travelers. These are reputable private institutions situated across the country. They provide a wide range of Malay and Chinese treatments or complementary treatments. Among the wellness practices that tourists get in Malaysia include Ayurvedic therapy as well as other practices that have been around for many years. Aesthetic treatments and popular healthcare services such as cosmetic surgery, healthy aging, fertility treatment, eye surgery and dental surgery among others are available in Malaysia. With Malaysia putting more efforts in promoting tourism, wellness tourism is also bound to experience a tremendous growth due to increased infrastructural development and investment in the sector.


The Philippines is one of the top wellness tourism hotspots due to various reasons. The medical tourism sector in Philippines caters for between 80,000 and 250,000 patients annually. The medical sector in this country has professionals with high level of proficiency and competency. They speak English fluently and they offer a wide range of medical treatments including oncology, ophthalmology, and cardiovascular treatment. The true Filipinos have a culture that exudes kindness, gentleness and nurturing others. The land has sandy, white beaches, tropical forests, active volcano and majestic mountains among other attractions that have been named as the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. There are also many things to do and places to visit while in the Philippines including caves. Wellness tourists can also engage in outdoor activities such as canoeing, kayaking, mountain climbing and water rafting which create harmony while stimulating the mind.

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