Traveling to Australia does not necessarily mean spending a huge fortune during your trip. In spite of the high living cost (with Australia being among the top 10 most expensive countries on the planet to live in), there are numerous ways of reducing the overall costs, allowing you to enjoy traveling to Australia on a budget. In this article, I'm going to give you some tips on traveling on a budget to Australia.

-Time Your Visit; Traveling to Australia is usually more expensive between the months of December and February; which is summertime in Australia and many tourists visit the country. You will most likely find much lower air fares during the off seasons; that is, spring and fall. March to May, and September to November, are actually the best months for traveling to Australia when it's not crowded and there's a nice warm weather. Traveling to Australia during the off season can save you about 20 to 30% on airfare.

-Keep Your Focus; Australia is quite a large country. It is the 6th largest country on the planet. Given how enormous the country is, you do not expect to see the entire country in a short period of time. If you've a limited period of time, say 2 weeks, you should consider fixing your sights on 1 or 2 regions, and then explore them thoroughly; you will have a much more relaxing and thrilling experience, and get to save both money and time. Carefully think about the time you have, and make a list of must see places in the regions selected and then plan accordingly.

-Look For Discounts; Due to Australia's large size, the fastest way of getting around is by air. There are numerous discounts available in Australia including airline discounts which provide discounted domestic flights. Some of the discounted flights you should check out include; Qantas, Tigerair, Jetstar, and Regional Express (REX). Qantas actually offers Walkabout air pass which includes a roundtrip airfare to Australia along with numerous discounted domestic flights. The prices are normally based on seasons, and just how far you intend to fly within the country.

-Look For Freebies; Australia has a massive wealth of attractions and museums which do not charge any admission fees. For instance, Brisbane's Botanic Gardens and Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art, are free of charge. In addition to this, you can buy a discount card like the iVenture Card for the popular tourist destinations such as Tasmania, Sydney, and Melbourne. The discount cards include absolutely free entry to lots of area attractions, along with special offers for a single price. The cards will save you lots of cash money, especially if you are doing lots of sightseeing in a limited period of time.

-Take the Bus; If you are focusing your travels on one or two small regions, or you have got some time on your hands, taking the bus is probably the cheapest option. Fortunately, Greyhound Australia offers lots of specials and discounts. The Greyhound buses are not only the cheapest, but also the most popular way of getting around. They have an extensive network which covers most of Australia.

-Travel For Free; Many Australian cities have actually made certain public transportation routes absolutely free for the general public. For instance, there is a free service on for numerous bus routes in Brisbane city center, and Perth has a free transit on trains and buses within a set city zone. Even Sydney offers numerous free shuttles. You can also save by traveling on discount by using public transportation discount cards like the Sydney's Opal cards. If you will be heavily relying on public transportation, the discount cards will save you a lot of cash over the individually priced tickets.

-Alternative Accommodation; If you are traveling to Australia on a rather tight budget, then hostels re your best and cheapest accommodation option. There are hostels in Oz which are not only cheap, but they are also sociable and quite popular. Many of them even feature swimming pools, bars, kitchens, and many other facilities. You can also opt to go camping and get to check out some of the world's most well maintained and scenic camping grounds and caravan parks. Camping in the national parks is a great way of staying in spectacular natural surroundings for just a couple of dollars a night.

-Oceania; Australia is surrounded by beautiful islands, that are not only amazing but also significantly less expensive than Australia. For instance, you can go to Bali and get to enjoy some really amazing experiences for very little money. As a matter of fact, I just looked up the tickets for Bali White Water Rafting, and I found them for only $10. New Zealandís cost of living is similar to Australia, but Auckland should be way cheaper than Sydney.