There is nothing more fun and exciting than taking part in water sports when visiting Australia. Not only is the country beautiful in so many ways but also the waters are fantastic for all kinds of great sports.


Lets take a deeper “dive”:


If Sydney is you’re destination you can’t go wrong with a day kayaking throughout Sydney Harbor. During this unique perspective you will have the opportunity to enjoy great close-up views of the famous bridge as well as the historic Sydney Opera House.


If surfing is your thing, why not partake in this exciting sport on the world famous Bondi Beach. Not only will you get to ride some of the most fantastic waves but also take in some of the world’s most beautiful people sunbathing!


If your near Australia’s Coral Coast region you’ll for sure want to take in some snorkeling where you will have an opportunity to see friendly sea lions at the Jurien Bay Marine Park. Looking to dive? The Coral Coast has that as well with diving opportunities at the incredible Ningaloo reefs.


For those traveling in Melbourne, there is a variety of great water activities to take part in!  From kayaking under the Bolte Bridge to a romantic dinner or to the famous caves of Yarra Junction. You’re definitely in for a special treat!


If you’re near the Great Barrier Reef you will for sure want to experience scuba diving. Here you will witness some of the most colorful and beautiful spectacles that marine life has to offer. You also will be able to swim side-by-side with various sea turtle species.


Another hot spot of scuba diving can be found at Wolf Rock, which is made up of four volcanic pinnacles within the Great Sandy Marine Parke. It is here where you can enjoy the beauty of grey nurse sharks, mantas, mackerel, barracuda and even on occasion, whales!


As you can see, Australia is encircled by thousands of miles of breathtaking coastline, which gifts the country with an incredible aquatic playground. Simply rent a car from Budget and head to your nearest water spot!


Just don’t forget the suntan lotion!