Wallets are carried by men, women and children alike to hold notes, coins, credit cards and other items that you might need to keep on hand. Whilst women also tend to carry handbags to hold an array of other personal items, a purse is still useful for keeping money and cards organised. When shopping for ladies wallets, the key is knowing how one plans to use it. This will be fairly easy if shopping for yourself, but more difficult if shopping for someone else.


There are all sorts of ladies wallet styles on the market, from the classic and traditional to the modern and innovative. We’ve outlined some of the more common styles in the list below:

▪ Bifold – This is a two-sectioned purse that folds in half to close and fits comfortably in a pants pocket.

▪ Checkbook – This is a wallet that has been sized to hold a standard book of checks and unfolded currency.

▪ Clutch –
This is an attractive purse that can be carried in one hand on its own, similar to a small handbag.

▪ Coin – This is a sturdy wallet with a secure kiss-lock, zipper or snap closure that is designed to hold coins.

▪ Envelope –
This is a long, slender and rectangular purse that has size and proportions similar to those of a business envelope.

▪ ID Wallet – This type is very small and thin. It is designed to hold an ID, a few credit cards, limited cash and perhaps a key.

▪ Mini – This is a purse that is smaller than an envelope style and is actually closer to the size of a man’s wallet.

▪ Opera – This type is flat and hard cased. It is designed to snap shut in order to keep the contents secure.

▪ Travel – This is a larger purse that is designed to hold a passport and airline or train tickets, as well as currency.

▪ Trifold – This is a three-sectioned wallet that folds twice to close and also fits comfortably in a pants pocket.

▪ Wristlet – This is a purse that features a short strap, allowing it to be carried in the hand or around the wrist.

Whilst some ladies wallets simply fold shut and are held together by a pocket or other contents inside a handbag, others feature actual closures. These include: snaps, Velcro, kiss-locks, magnets, twist closures and zippers (either just along the top or in a three-sided zip around style). You may not see closures as being important, but they are certainly something to be considered – some are noisy to open or close, whereas others require two hands.

Special Features
These days, it is not uncommon to find ladies wallets that can be used for more than just storing currency and other cards. Many checkbook-type purses actually feature a slot into which the back of checkbook can be inserted, leaving the checks free to be written on. An organiser generally features some type of paper or electronic notebook. And photo holders feature clear, plastic inserts to hold photos (such as your children, pets or significant other).
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