Australia’s National Parks are great destinations for residents and vacationers alike. Some of the more rugged parks can only be explored if you have a four-wheel drive vehicle that allows you to gain access to the remote areas behind rugged terrains. Luckily, it is easy to find the right all terrain, four-wheel drive vehicle for hire at Budget Trucks Australia. You might think that Budget Truck rental is only for moving trucks, or moving vans, but you can also rent four-wheel drive, all-terrain vehicles, and utes as well. Once you have your four-wheel drive vehicle rented, there are 5 national parks in Queensland that you now have access to. These National Parks are Cape Palmerston National Park, Carnarvon National Park, Great Sandy National Park, Deepwater National Park, and Sundown National Park. Here are things to do in each of the parks.


Cape Palmerston National Park

Cape Palmerston National Park is located about 300 km north of Brisbane and 115 km south-east of Mackay on the Queensland coast of the Coral Sea. The park covers 7,160 hectares and close to 60 km of coastline. In addition to rugged terrain throughout the park, there are secluded beaches, coastal woodlands, rocky headlands, lowland vegetation, and 344 metre high Mount Funnel. The beaches within the park are adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.  Camping and bush walking are popular activities in the park. The park has plenty of wildlife to watch including kangaroos, wallabies, birds, and more.


Carnarvon National Park

Located inland from Hervey Bay and Bundaberg, Carnarvon National Park is located in the heart of the Queensland Outback. The rugged terrain in this National Park is courtesy the ranges of Queensland’s central highlands and Carnarvon Creek. Some of the features of the park include the Carnarvon Gorge, towering sandstone cliffs with unique, bright coloured gorge walls, a diverse range of flora and fauna plus Aboriginal rock art. Carnarvon Creek is a major central focus of the park. Not only did it carve a great deal of the features the park is known for, but it becomes shallow enough that some walking tracks cross right over the creek. In addition to walking trails and parks within the park, there are rock pools, caves, a canyon, amphitheatre, and so much to explore. Camping and picnicking are allowed in the 26,304 hectare park.

Great Sandy National Park

Some of the best 4WD beach driving is in Great Sandy National Park and the coastal area just south of Hervey Bay. Beach driving is allowed on the beaches of the national park, Fraser Island, and Rainbow Beach. In addition to both popular and untouched beaches, the National Park features large sand dunes, heathlands, rainforests, mangrove forests, swamps, freshwater lakes, and creeks. Great Sandy National Park has two sections. The Cooloola section covers 18,400 hectares from Noosa Heads north to Rainbow Beach. The second section is the Fraser Island section. Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island at 56,000 hectares. There are plenty of camping spots in the park as well as day use areas. Camping permits are required.


Deepwater National Park

Deepwater National Park is another coastal national park with great beach four wheel driving. It is located north of Hervey Bay about 375 km north of Brisbane. In addition to beaches and the 70 metre high sand dune, there are also freshwater springs and forested landscapes in this park. Permitted camping is available at several campgrounds within the park. Coastal fishing is also allowed in certain areas. Watch for an array of wildlife in the park including some interesting bird watching and other animals like goannas.

Sundown National Park

Sundown National Park is very different from the coastal National Parks but still requires a four wheel drive vehicle for the rugged terrain including waterholes, waterfalls, and steep gorges. the park offers some great 4WD adventure tracks for off road driving while also looking out for the unique plant and animal life protected within the park. The park is located at the border of Queensland and New South Wales about 200 km south west of Brisbane. In addition to the four-wheel drive tracks, there are bush walks, the Severn River, and high peak mountains to explore.